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# 1CptBanana May 2 2023, 02:17 AM
I don't know how many old guys are out there that remember, hell I haven't posted here in over 10 years. Nystrom has been streaming COH3. Was a COH1 killer back in the day. Winner of a few COH1 Gr tournies.

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# 2cwedvin Jun 3 2023, 21:58 PM
Welcome back biggrin.gif
Doh personally i have no relations to these games here xD
Doh DJW our moderation admin may be more familiar with those games biggrin.gif.

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# 3Ra11 Jul 17 2023, 19:41 PM
I seen several old school coh 1 players in coh 3 recently.

HulkSmash is high on leaderboard

ASIISymbiosis is playing but not that much

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