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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Patch 1.09 imbalance in Brutal Skirmish

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# 1Rei_natoO Jun 9 2020, 17:36 PM

I now know the 1.09 patch and I liked a lot of things, I felt an appeal in Brutal mode.

First, I played with Mordor vs Elves and realized that the elven army was much faster in production and also much more resistant against my army.

so I thought Mordor had made changes that made him weaker.

So I switched teams and went from Elves vs Mordor.
And then, I noticed that the same thing happened, but now Mordor was overpowering.

When I was in Mordor, the elven cavalry didn't die for nothing.
When I was with the elves, the cavalry even died for the archer.

Is it really like that in brutal mode?

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# 2Ahwehawe Jun 13 2020, 01:34 AM
Ye dude brutals have like %50 discount for every unit and structure and they produce units %50 faster. And on top of that their units are always going to be tougher than yours. Brutals werent meant to be easy! So you gotta think and find a way to win them. Maybe towers and rangers? Maybe trebuchets/catas?.How I learned to beat brutals was through learning to play multiplayer and winning real players then brutals became real easy biggrin.gif

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# 3Nocturnal Jun 30 2020, 00:56 AM
The problem with brutuals was that i couldn`t use them for training because they made me make a specefic strategy to play against them and that strategy won`t be viable on other players, for example i used to make a hero spam as morder and would nearly skip making alot of orcs or even attacking too much, just defended until i got enough pp and some tough heroes and then go on the offense, also vs goblins i always had to make sure that if he is making fast trolls or going for goblins, so i really felt annoyed vs brutals because of that, not to mention been like so easy to be a viable training.

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# 4Excelsior Jul 8 2020, 00:04 AM
FYI, when playing against the AI via the Skirmish mode (button) they'll get certain combat multipliers. This applies to all difficulty levels (though as you'd imagine Brutals have the highest multipliers).

If you want a truly even match (I.e. no increased damage for AI units), play via Network (button). It's especially ideal for testing.

P.S. Playing via network won't negate their discount bonus.

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