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Battle for Middle Earth

Patch 1.07 Changelog/Patchlog

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# 1Johann Tilly May 9 2019, 17:58 PM
- Resolved an issue that caused units to stop before reaching their destination (the infamous movement bug)
- Soldiers of Rhûn now deal proper damage when in porcupine/standard formation
- Resolved an issue that caused a delay before the buildup of farms and lumbermills
- Resolved an issue that caused a delay prior to the Heal spell
- Resolved an issue that caused certain heroes to have a slight delay before certain powers
- Resolved an issue that caused Rohirrim cavalry to take more hero damage when equipped with shields

- FoD unit stop icon replaced with more fitting one
- FoD unit bombard icon replaced with proper icon
- Enabled a unused idle animation for Orc workers
- Audio notification enabled when an ally places a beacon
- Select-All-Heroes hotkey reinstated (key o)
- Elven Wood and Tainted Land powers signals house color twice as obvious
- Mordor Orc Warrior missing idle sound added
- Shortcuts added for the folders 'Custom maps', 'Replays', 'Screenshots' and the 'options.ini' file into the BFME main directory
- Guard unit ability (introduced in 1.05) has more appropriate cursor images
- Special power decals have now a better contrast with the terrain
- Some units have slight increasement in their texture resolution (Rohan archers, Aragorn, Eowyn, etc.)
- Skirmish & multiplayer games now have an ingame clock (known issue: when you have AI opponents then the clock might not appear)

Skirmish AI
- Multiplayer AI's Damage bonus has been restored
- Alert range slightly increased 1.5 (from 1.1)
- Agressive range increased 2.2 (from 1.3)
- The AI will use upgrades more often (Heavy armor, Forged blades, Horse shields, Banners carrier, fire arrows and trebuchet fire upgrade)
- Mordor AI no longer wastes the Eye of sauron at the start of the game
- Fixed a bug that caused the AI to sometimes 'forget' to rebuild their destroyed citadel
- Reduced the delay right before the AI starts to use summoned units
- AI controlled bezerkers can now properly trigger mines with their torches
- Saruman will use its dominate ability on more appropriate targets (more often then before)
- AI controlled Balrog improved for a more effective base attack
- Castle's gate system (for AI) slightly more efficient

- Neutral cavetroll guard radius lowered on specific maps (Anfalas, East Emnet, Fangorn, Fangorn II, Rhun, Rohan and Westfold)

- Gondor Trebuchet splash radius is now 20 (from 25), 30 with Fire Stone upgrade (from 40)
- Boromir’s delay between attacks is now 766 (from 800)
- Gondor Camp has now 6 sentry towers (from 4)
- Soldier/Ranger Combo can now receive Banner Carrier upgrade
- Gandalf's Istari AcceptableAimDelta 20 (from 15) [prevent twitchy reaiming]

- Eowyn, Eomer and Theoden now spawn as mounted (from unmounted)
- Gimli’s Axe Throw ability has its reload time decreased to 35 (from 45)
- Disabled the minimum attack range of Gimli’s Axe Throw ability
- Rohan Postern Gate now costs 200 (from 300)
- Rohan Elves can no longer form a combo horde together
- Fixed a bug that caused Rohirrim to take more damage from swordsmen when Horse Shields was equipped

- Saruman can now climb ladders.
- Fixed a bug which caused lurtz its cripple effect not appearing (graphical)
- Fixed a bug that caused Saruman's dominate effect to load slightly too late
- Warg rider AcceptableAimDelta 15 (from 10) [prevent twitchy re-aiming]
- Warg cavalry acceleration start time 800 (from 1500) brake time 1500 (from 1000)
- Saruman fireball AcceptableAimDelta 20 (from 15) [prevent twitchy re-aiming]

- Haradrim Lancer buildcost reduced to 200 (from 240)
- Soldiers of Rhûn horde speed increased to 40 (from 36)
- Mordor Orc Warrior damage against Gondor and Rohan Farms increased to 3.8 per blow (from 3.6)
- Drummer Troll experience bonus reduced to 200% (from 300%)

- The license agreament window has been removed
- User interfaces on some windows have been re-sized for better usability
- The always-on-top 'object properties' window can now be resized
- Shortkeys added ( F1 = Map settings, F2 = Scripts, F3 = Edit Teams, F4 = Edit Player lists, F5 = Edit Multiplayer Positions)
- Edited the pink button to a different color (In worldbuilder under scripts actions look for Interface/Display Text/ Display Popup Messege Box)

- Minor tweaks to appearance and sounds of Living World Map (including restoration of location text)

Interface changes
- Completed missing map descriptions (Dead Marshes, Mt. Doom & Osgiliath) including the missing text from the disconnect screen
- House Colors slightly adjusted for better contrast

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