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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Patch 1.09 imbalance in Brutal Skirmish

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# 1Rei_natoO Jun 9 2020, 17:36 PM

I now know the 1.09 patch and I liked a lot of things, I felt an appeal in Brutal mode.

First, I played with Mordor vs Elves and realized that the elven army was much faster in production and also much more resistant against my army.

so I thought Mordor had made changes that made him weaker.

So I switched teams and went from Elves vs Mordor.
And then, I noticed that the same thing happened, but now Mordor was overpowering.

When I was in Mordor, the elven cavalry didn't die for nothing.
When I was with the elves, the cavalry even died for the archer.

Is it really like that in brutal mode?

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# 2Ahwehawe Jun 13 2020, 01:34 AM
Ye dude brutals have like %50 discount for every unit and structure and they produce units %50 faster. And on top of that their units are always going to be tougher than yours. Brutals werent meant to be easy! So you gotta think and find a way to win them. Maybe towers and rangers? Maybe trebuchets/catas?.How I learned to beat brutals was through learning to play multiplayer and winning real players then brutals became real easy biggrin.gif

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# 3Nocturnal Jun 30 2020, 00:56 AM
The problem with brutuals was that i couldn`t use them for training because they made me make a specefic strategy to play against them and that strategy won`t be viable on other players, for example i used to make a hero spam as morder and would nearly skip making alot of orcs or even attacking too much, just defended until i got enough pp and some tough heroes and then go on the offense, also vs goblins i always had to make sure that if he is making fast trolls or going for goblins, so i really felt annoyed vs brutals because of that, not to mention been like so easy to be a viable training.

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