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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Predict, Adapt or Both?

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# 1SN0WBL4CK Apr 13 2018, 00:24 AM
So i wonder what you guys think is better, predicting what your opponent is going to do and countering that, or just following your own plan and adapting to your opponents strategy?


You are an elf and facing a dwarf. You spam lorien warriors and archers early game. Now it is time for dwarf to switch unit composition. You dont know whether he goes for bw or Axethrowers. Will u make a pike just in case he goes bw? or will you start making pikes as soon as you see his forge/bw appear?

Another Example:

You are mordor and you dont know the army of your opponent. You go normal 2 orcpit strat. Will you make an early orc archer before you know what army your opponent is? Or will you wait until you already see a unit in your base/your half of the map?

Third example:

Elf mirror. You both used farsight to see what army your opponent is. You both start normal rax, tree strategy. Is it better to try and fuck up the other player creeping, or just focus on your own creep?

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# 2SeñorEcthelion Apr 13 2018, 02:41 AM
Follow own plan and addapt is best, but the way your elaborate the plan is very important! my way would be to make whatever random shit i feel like, as random better. Ofc, that depends of my level of trust... one doesn't always feel lucky =D.
Other thing, 100% of the time my decisions are based on the position of my builders and the exact money i have. If axes or gloin, if wargs or lurtz, if more orc pits or harad palace near warg lairs, if crossbow or pikemen.

Im gonna answer ur situational examples anyways. Example 1, obviuosly i make pikes once i have the iniciative, the money and time BEFORE he even thinks about making battlewagons. I prefer him to make axes and gloin, than wagons. Pikes will be just a threat and a "gambit" to develop axe throwers.... Then Haldir and his lorien warrior spam comes into the action.

Example 2, if im mordor, already have 3 orc hordes wandering on the map and i still don't know what faction my enemy is, i inmediatly asume im against a dwarf. So i build farms at 100% in the flanks to See, and will make archers once i need em. Meanwhile i just explore.

Example 3, there yes i apply my randomness and lucky. I just do whatever i feel like based on mere psycological states. Elff mirrors are all about initiative, if you think ur army can't be stopped go ahead =D. Like "call the police, i dont give a fuck" Also, you no longer need to worry about creepjack anymore on 1.09, tbh. I 'd rather ensure to kill enemy level 2 archers trying to pickup the gold chests.

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# 3RanDoM'L0L Apr 18 2018, 16:46 PM
Onhost I would always push the limits and make the counter units as late as possible and get more farms/production/units of different, better quality overall(lorien archer or swordsmen unit will be more useful than a pike unit in like most of the scenarios just cuz their pikes r weak)...generally speaking -> cut the corners as much as u can.

Offhost, id approach everything in a much safer manner.

Also ect has a great point when it comes to builder positioning, that factor is underrated by a lot of players yet it is a huge deal.

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

# 4SN0WBL4CK Apr 21 2018, 16:30 PM
Well i always felt like making a decsicion based on the location of my builder always got me in trouble. Early on nog so much bevause i move the builders based on my strategy. I know that i am going to build a certain pb so i dont send the builder away from fort.

However i have seen a lot of replays where players save up for a certain hero/higher tier unit early on. It happens to me when i am men facing elf. I get glorf rushed and while trying to counter him, the elf player makes up for lost eco and unit production.

Another thing that i noticed is that a lot of times its better not to expand quickly early on and get more units/ hero instead. Because if you fail to protect those buildings or even worse lose your production buildings while trying to defend the rbs, you will lose them anyway because of lack of units.

What are your thoughts on that? Is it better to increase expansion gradually troughout the game, or expand in phases so not expanding at all at some points and getting units instead and vice versa?

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

# 5RanDoM'L0L Apr 22 2018, 19:39 PM
I was always a fan of constant expanding but then again, sometimes u gotta cut the farms to get units ...thats kinda situational. Im pretty sure that you should have at least a slight idea of what ur opponent is up to, either u use units to scout or spells or he just shows it when attacking so you should base ur decisions upon that information he provides or you get.

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06


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