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# 1old boy Nov 8 2021, 15:34 PM
how to add this information to my game https://ibb.co/b6k5WWh

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# 2miegorengwithprawns Nov 15 2021, 20:29 PM
As you can see from the Soviet flag amongst the 4 player icons, that game is a community mod, probably Company of Heroes:Eastern Front which can be downloaded for free from Steam.

The icons and any other visual changes will be integral to the mod. That mod has been around since 2010, so there may be alternative community made skin packs available since, and mini ones for a choice of alternative icons and flags as well as there is for vanilla COH. A search should reveal.

It's a while since I played it as there is no auto-matching server AFAIK, so you need to arrange you own games if you want to play 1v1, 2v2 etc vs other people.

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Game: Company of Heroes


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