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# 1BeastmodeGuNs May 27 2012, 18:47 PM
Im one of the few people who still play Universe at war online with others, i can get a couple games from time to time and i been thinking about it for the last few days wink.gif "Maybe i should go on the UAW forums and see if I can get people playing such a nice game again" You guys may think it would be very unlikely for people to start playing the game again but i think i shall try anyway.

Anyway i thought about it and heres my proposal, for these next 4 days starting now i say that everyone should get on Universe at war and simply play Ranked matches and player matches again like the old days, like i said before this is very unlikely but its worth a try and it would be very nice to see good players on UAW again, so be sure to play the hell out of UAW these next 4 days. (I will be trying to get matches in myself as MaSter GuNs 22)

And if things can go well and enough people start to play again then maybe... just maybe... with an almost impossible chance but just maybe... People will play alot again and maybe the Military could even be finished and put into the game (skirmish, scinario mode, and multiplayer) and that would make UAW players want to play the game again also maybe.

But anyways I will see you guys in UAW multiplayer


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