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Red Alert 3

Snowy İnfinitiy İsle ~ Definitely Try

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# 1bero41 May 15 2018, 18:44 PM
Firstly, Im ''berat'' . I did not create this map. My friend created this map. I chose to share because this map was popular in general smile.gifsmile.gif


-Some buildings have a capacity of 5 people.
-For those starting from the left, there is one more building next to Oil Derrick.
-Changes to mini map section.
-There are many ''geyzer''in the game, it really has added a nice touch to the game smile.gif
-In addition, to the details in the sea, many materials have been added to the game.
-Map does not affect LW score and no bug fixes, everything is still the same as version 1.12.



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# 2az5284 May 17 2018, 03:38 AM
Looks nice, will try this weekend, thank you for sharing!

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