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Command and Conquer 4

Still a fun game

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# 1Incia Jul 19 2020, 17:45 PM
Had a few days ago an argument with peeps on steam forum how "online multiplayer" ruined the franchise, when in reality it was the campaign. C&C 4 is one of the most fun game modes in the whole franchise, it's quite fun to notice that the single player story itself ruined the game and nobody even gave it a chance, I'm so glad the Skirmish exists.

I just launched C&C 4 and played a 3vs3 on Skirmish on my own map Forgotten Gulch.
Got a very close game too with all hard AIs, 2500vs3300... feeling very rusty and I played Defense for fun.

The AI is fairly good for this simple gameplay, teamwork and hold nodes and micro tiberium crystals, AI does all of that perfectly, better then the normal players online. So Skirmish is more fun and challenging then online (even when there were actual players back then). However, 5vs5 tournaments were the best ever.

Long story short, I miss this game, one of the most fun online gameplay experiences I've had in an RTS.
Rivals kinda got it right with no campaign, just pure fun online.

Wish someone will mod a cnc4 game mode for tiberian dawn when they add LAN, and maybe Sole Survivor?

Also no need to write RIP great game, I can still have a blast on Skirmish whenever I want to.


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# 2Songa01 Aug 9 2020, 06:16 AM
Hello Incia,

Yes, indeed a fun game, and I used to be a fan of your maps on the old days. I was wondering, are you or anyone else able to host games anymore? The C&C 4 functionality for hosting games or co-op mode seems to be down for several months already with no official notice given.

My follow-up question, are you Incia or anyone else able to make a map with mines that can be cleared by engineers for both Nod and GDI? This is the one achievement that from my observation, cannot be done without another human player. The AI in singleplayer or skirmish will NEVER use the 'drop mine' ability and the mines left by avenger tanks do not count. The last achievement I am trying to get for both sides is to clear 20 mines with engineers.

Thanks Incia or anybody else for your help.

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# 3Incia Aug 9 2020, 13:27 PM
Hello there,

After the game got on to Origin I haven't been able to get worldbuilder working (as install program checks the wrong folders?), I made countless of threads asking help with origin and worldbuilder but got it never working, so unfortunately I don't think anyone is doing any more maps for these games.

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