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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Tactics of the matchup game EIves - Isen

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# 1Imperialist Aug 23 2018, 23:40 PM
How to play this matchup for both of these races?
Can you tell your secrets and strategies?

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 2Mr.SmOKing Aug 24 2018, 13:46 PM
Hero spam for Elf:D

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# 3SeñorEcthelion Aug 25 2018, 01:46 AM
hero spam for isen:D

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 4DJ_Premier Aug 25 2018, 09:24 AM
Be better then your opponent?

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# 5Fitton Sep 14 2018, 15:40 PM
I always struggle in this MU.

Where is Randy when you need him?

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 6Johann Tilly Sep 18 2018, 15:39 PM
Spam tons of lorien warriors, mithlond sentrys and rivendell lancers. They are good inf, which can not be easy countered by Isen. Avoid Lorien Archers until lategame or late midgame or go straight for mirkwoods if you need them (and when can spare the money for them). Lorein Archers just get too often easy killed by warg riders and you have wasted 300 ressources. Attack the Isen Player ---> right from the start<--- and do not creep at the beginning. Creeping by you, gives the enemy precious time to build himself up. If Isen wants to creep with pikes at the beginning, your lorien warriors can take them out and then attack his base buildings or Uruk-Hai`s. Get 2-3 Barrackes and 1 Stables. Later Eregion forge.
And dont buy elven heros. They cost tons of ressources, which should be spent on troops and upgrades. With your constant harass and attacks the enemy should be pushed back soon and defeated. Rivendell lancers provide good harassing and backup at the battlefield forcing your enemy to get pikes, but the Uruk Pikes will be easy prey for your lorien warriors.

Thats the strategy I would use against an Isen Player.

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# 7SilverBane Sep 18 2018, 17:49 PM
I honestly think this match up is fairly balanced. With saru fireball not being OP like 1.06, elf army has the upper hand most of the time, but isen has watcher and better eco. Also heroes are extremly important (at least haldir) regardless of lurtz...

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2


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