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The Dead Game Matches

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# 1Max aka Furio Mar 5 2019, 23:42 PM
Part 1

My monikers on game are as follows:
.....and obviously every single smurf name ever invented. Why not.

I left the game around a month ago and came back for just a few horrible matches that has me asking the question over and over, am I playing with robots? I don't want to come across as a condescending person but the talent on this game was already limited to very few players, it's been obvious to me for a long time that our active players are actually very small in number and it seems the only professional player is =RETARDEATH= and it is also clear to me that myself and Rubir are too overpowered for the rest of the active community and this strikes me as odd since I can see a clear demonstration in every match we've played together that too many players will never learn from any of their mistakes and therefor most of the matches that are won can depend solely on which team made 10 mistakes compared to the team that made 11 mistakes and lost.

I know that some players are puzzled about myself and how I skilled up so fast but thankfully I have a very good friendship with =RETARDEATH= who has supported me and trained me to better myself and has spent countless days advising me on discord, I've taken all the time needed to learn his strategies and listen to his criticisms about my mistakes in the past, I don't take it to heart when he points out what I have done is wrong and instead I have asked him what I should do that would correct my mistakes. It's not a miracle or a conspiracy that I transformed myself from being a giant noob to a competent team mate and all it takes to improve your abilities in the game is to learn how to play properly and take in the useful wisdom of =RETARDEATH= and Rubir. I want to give you my strategy experience and explain to you how I developed my own skill, so that you can get an idea of my learning curve. It's no secret either that I had a 1v1 with almost every active player and lost badly and then I returned at a later date after a lot of training to beat the same people with a landslide score, some scores as high as 3500/300 in my favour and this drastic change came from my commitment to improve and also my enthusiasm to eventually beat Rubir and become a pro player officially.

When I first played pvp I was convinced that Nod was too weak and that GDI was too strong, generally speaking, there is truth to that, GDI is certainly stronger and the units of each class are highly specialised and ready to punish Nod units but Nod takes real skill and a mastery of Nod invigorates your mastery of the game, you can see a demonstration of this in some of the most robotic players of the game, such as the GDI support players who have restricted their learning experience to having all of the advantages possible such as a 100% Orca vs Avenger battle where the avengers simply can not fight back, or the constant spamming of emp support powers and spanners that stunt the progress of Nod drastically.

GDI offence has been the class that I have often referred to as the baby tank class because the hunters gain veterancy with each kill and the major downside to this is that a complete noob can wind up with a full heroic hunter spam from a complete noob Nod player feeding them busted avengers. This can present a huge problem for Nod offence even at tier 3 where a full spam of spectres can potentially lose to the heroic hunters and in many cases can force the Nod player to spam Avatars that can fall victim to the likely paladin spam around that time in the match, to which would again have a 100% advantage over the Avatars.

Now the problem with the dead game matches is that Nod players simply allow these problems to punish them into submission far too regularly. Take the most basic criticism I've become the most vocal about during my time in the pvp, I frequently criticise the Nod support players for not doing their job correctly and it was obvious very early on that Nod support players are mostly clueless as to what they should be doing. Often I will witness huge mistakes being made such as a completely pointless Cobra spam at tier 1 that is completely decimated by the Orcas from GDI. Even the biggest GDI support noobs can punish cobras without breaking a sweat. So what should Nod support players be doing exactly? Well frankly a hell of a lot but I want you to focus on 3 things in particular.

For Nod support;

First tip: You need to keep your eye out for ground units attacking your tib and use demoralise to slow the enemy units from pursuing your carrier. GDI is fast and you are literally given a support power to neutralise their speed advantage, so use this power to protect your team mates tib carrier, don't allow your tib carrier to be swamped by enemy units, pay very close attention to the minimap for enemy units closing in on your tib and slam them with demoralise.

Second tip: Make Venoms and do not make Cobras. You are the support and you have the aircraft, think logically about this war game, who do you think is best suited to shoot the enemy Orcas? 1. You with a venom spam or 2. your team mate with Avengers? And of course you know the answer is you with your Venoms. It is so crucial to the success of your team that Nod support fights GDI support. Your job is to kill aircraft, it is not your job to shoot hunters or especially crawlers. Ignore the stupid crawlers, focus 100% of your attention on clearing the skies and gain your team the air superiority that they need to win. And please do not spam Tyrants to kill Hammerheads, spam Salamanders because you will win. Tyrants are hunter bait, they are literally the sharks with fricken laser beams on their heads and the Hunters are literally Austin Powers. So build Salamanders and clear the skies. Air superiority is absolutely vital and Salamanders also remain in the air.

Third tip: Nod support is Nod defences guardian angel. Yes you are the blessing that all Nod defence players literally rely on to keep them safe and strong and the chemistry between your classes is romantic because defence can literally shield your aircraft and you can literally use the anti-emp support power with the click of your mouse to save your Nod defence team mate from being cheesed by a GDI support noob. You are the cheese eater and you are vital protection for Nod defence. So have an awareness in every match of where your Nod defence player is located and keep an angelic eye on them, protect them like they are your baby but do not forget to multitask between air superiority and keeping defence safe. And remember this, the Nod defence crawler can not fire it's crawler weapons when it is on the move, so if the crawler is hounded by a firehawk airstrike, you can stealth the crawler with the stealth support power and it will be saved and will not expose itself by firing its weapon since it wont have one on the move. Keep that in mind, do not forget.

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# 2Max aka Furio Mar 6 2019, 01:02 AM
Part 2

For Nod Defence;

First tip: Spam cannons and Centurions and set your crawlers default stance to the 'J' (Jay) hotkey so that all of your Centurions are set to J, which means that your Centurions will not pursue enemies but will fire upon enemies. This will give you a massive advantage since Centurions have reflective shields and are cannon units that can kill tanks, if your Centurions move, they will drop their shields and become highly vulnerable, on the other hand, Centurions that hold their shields and fire can completely destroy hunters. It is also useful to keep in mind that Centurion shields reflect laser beams, even from the GDI focus beam defence structures. One thing that I have noticed that even if a Nod Defence player is smart enough to use Centurions, he/she will switch to black hands to destroy focus beam defence structures. Do not even bother, Centurions fire a cannon and will reflect the laser away from themselves, making focus beams almost worthless if you have excellent control of your units and the added bonus will be that if you are then rushed by hunters, you still have Centurions to counter them, whereas Black Hands will have a horrifically bad time fighting back. Combine your Centurions with cannons and not anti air structures because a wall of cannons is massively overpowered, especially if your cannons are in a line. The only time you want to make anti air structures is if it clear and obvious that there are two or three GDI support noobs and only one Nod support alpha male. Then and only then should you change your structures in order to help secure the skies because GDI support noobs have a fetish for killing crawlers and so you will have to defend yourself.

Second tip: Flame Columns are simply the best Nod defence structure, never sell all of your cannons in one go but when you reach tier 2, you should sell two cannons and deploy a flame column and repeat. Flame columns are capable of attacking both ground and air units with an area of effect petrol bomb that will damage multiple enemy units at once, the column itself is superior to both the tier 1 cannon and the tier 1 sam-site combined, so consider the tier 1 defence structures obsolete once you have access to flame columns, do not upgrade tier 1 defence structures to tier 2 reinforcement, it is a complete waste of time and points. And also keep in mind that if a GDI defence player has clashed with you on the battlefield, their defence structures are countered by the petrol bombs from your flame columns, if you are especially adept you will use your force fire command to hit multiple focus beams with the petrol bombs area of effect.

Third tip: Don't spam high confessors into a clash with a GDI defence crawler, build Aftershocks or the GDI defence player will pummel your infantry with the Ion cannon, Juggernauts and the GDI crawlers own artillery that has a massive area of effect damage that is perfect for slamming infantry. Send in the Aftershocks because they basically have a crawlers HP each and are a perfect counter for the GDI crawler, the Defence structures and the Juggernauts and they cause devastating damage. Combined with your missile silo, you can crucify a GDI defence player in no time.

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# 3Max aka Furio Mar 6 2019, 02:49 AM
Part 3

For Nod Offence;

First tip: Avenger tanks are your strongest unit until tier 3 and the Avenger tank also happens to be stronger than a Hunter, something that can be difficult to realise when you are fairly new or if you generally have bad tank control, for example, an Avenger spam can obliterate a Hunter spam and a heroic Avenger spam can obliterate a heroic Hunter spam but often you will see a lot of Avenger users are feeders and will reinforce the Hunter enemy with faster veterancy tipping the scales in favour of the Hunters.

A couple of things to keep in mind, is that you should never have loose Avengers straying from the pack because a loose Avenger is basically a leaf of veterancy for the Hunters, tank control in part requires you to keep your Avengers in formation, either with a two lane formation or a single long lane formation, the purpose of the lane formation is to have more cannons firing at the enemy all at once, instead of having tanks at the back who can not fire because they are out of range and you absolutely have to have the space to retreat a red hp tank to the back of your formation and either delete it or heal it before you make the mistake of feeding it to the greedy little hunters veterancy boost.

To use formation movement you have to use both mouse keys together and an opaque tank formation will appear, moving the mouse in different directions will determine the formation that you want. Or you can just tap the two mouse keys at once and let go to form an instant single line formation. Also you should learn to use the scribble hot key by holding CTRL and right clicking and holding the scribble tool to select any tank that you need to individually move that is congested among your tank group, because if you are used to using scribble and you have to select two red hp tanks congested in the group, you want to scribble select them by scoring the mouse over them instantly instead of creating a box selection.

Finally, you have to stop exposing your tanks cute little booties to the enemy because the front of the Avenger has the most armour, often I will find that some raging tank player will rush at me whilst reversing and they will just bash into my wall of armour and heavy cannon fire, then die and probably cry. You don't have some kind of speed boost when you reverse, so there is literally not a point to reversing all of the time. Reversing is used to maintain the correct spacing that you need between your tanks and the enemies whilst front facing and having the strength of your tanks armour acting as a stonewall. And something to keep a sharp eye on is aggressive Hunter users that really get up into your face and act as though they are a wave crashing into a cliff, they will often create a pincer around you, this type of aggression is useful for you because at either side of the pincer will be hunters facing their side armour to your group, so stop shooting the tanks directly in front that have their front armour facing you and pick off the side armour tanks at your flanks, this will reduce your enemies armour much faster than yours. And please be very careful about fighting tanks that are exiting a crawler that deployed on a captured spawn because the build time is so vastly reduced, that your enemy can outnumber you really fast and overwhelm you.

Second tip: Use every single crate you see. You may never have noticed this but as the offence player, your minimap highlights crates as grey icons and indicate where you can collect them, it is actually both wise and prudent to collect crates, there is nothing bad about sending one tank away from your army to go and collect crates and return afterwards. The more veterancy your tanks have, the longer they will last in combat, you can in all seriousness send 1 tank to go and collect 1 crate away off in the distance that you spotted on the minimap, that is perfectly fine because it has a lasting effect on that tank when it returns to your group. Also keep an eye on your ally if they are defence because they will probably pop a structure now and then and release a crate, send a tank to collect it. Even though blue crates don't increase Avenger damage, you should also continue to collect them for two reasons, the first reason being that if you collect two blue crates with the same tank, you will gain a leaf of veterancy and even if you don't collect two, upon death, the Avenger will deploy mines that do damage over time to enemies that run over them.

Third tip: You are the =TIBMASTER= and in all seriousness, if you expect your support or defence ally to be the tib collectors, you are most likely going to lose the match, always have raiders to collect tib and don't limit your raiders to selective tibbing, for example, if you are Nod on Ice Station Omega, you might assume the green and blue tib on the Nod spawn side of the map is yours and the green and blue tib on the GDI spawn side of the map is theirs, that is WRONG! Be greedy and steal theirs, they don't need it, your team does, all the tib is yours, there is no their tib and our tib. And if you are on a horrible Nod team, demand that the host selects a map with lots of tib, like Lost Valley and scoop up all the greens because if you are fast enough, you can have tier 2 before GDI. Generally speaking, I would say that Nod has more of an advantage on maps with lots of tib and GDI has an outrageous advantage on a map with little tib.

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# 4dominik12 Mar 6 2019, 03:59 AM
Great but there is still nobody who would apply any of these tips i mean finn posted this https://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...owtopic=1011335 almost a year ago and pretty much everyone still sucks so this post will most certainly have the same result but good try i really liked u nod support tipp to build venoms and not cobras idk how many times i got a mental breakdown when i saw my support guy building cobras when i knew 100% i am gonna win te ground war and then to end up losing cause i am getting bashed by orcas lol

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# 5Max aka Furio Mar 6 2019, 04:53 AM
QUOTE(dominik12 @ Mar 6 2019, 03:59 AM) *

Great but there is still nobody who would apply any of these tips i mean finn posted this https://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...owtopic=1011335 almost a year ago and pretty much everyone still sucks so this post will most certainly have the same result but good try i really liked u nod support tipp to build venoms and not cobras idk how many times i got a mental breakdown when i saw my support guy building cobras when i knew 100% i am gonna win te ground war and then to end up losing cause i am getting bashed by orcas lol

Yeah exactly, to Finn I call these people "The Flying Offence" players, because they seem to think that is what they are and have no sense whatsoever that there are now tanks and cobras that will now be punished by Orcas. I can't believe so many of these noobs don't have the foresight to predict this consequence.

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# 6Incia Mar 6 2019, 15:46 PM

There's a bunch off guides and tips already, even portalizing these tips don't mean we magically get better players. I don't think that many reads these tips, especially beginners.

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