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The Wrong Crawler Glitch Test

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# 1Max aka Furio Nov 25 2018, 03:52 AM
Hey guys,

You probably have heard of, or have seen before, the glitch in game where you or someone else has deployed the wrong faction crawler and recently this glitch happened to me, in the screenshot you will see that I am GDI fighting for Nod and I have destroyed Luzifers hunters and I am about to destroy his crippled crawler.

Two small events happened here, the first was that Luzifer didn't immediately realise that the hunters in my army were shooting at his hunters, so they were destroyed and the second event was that Luzifers crawler was surrounded by Rubirs avengers but appeared to be also surrounded by friendly hunters, this led to the crawler being singled out and weakened and as he retreated I went in for the final kill. This glitch gave me a surprise element that wiped out an enemy army and timed out Luzifers next crawler deployment. The glitch essentially is detrimental to the game play if your opponent hasn't immediately caught on to what has happened and I think this is the reason why Luzifer left the match.

So while I don't think this glitch made the match fair after these events and the push Nod had after this was too strong for GDI to recover, I did come to figure out what I thought caused the glitch. I am just speculating for anyone who wishes to test this. The glitch seemed to happen through a process that began during the previous match where I was in observation watching a 4v4 and the match was edging to a final end. At that time, I started to cough and I am ill at the moment, so I left my pc to get some medicine. I was a.f.k for a long time, I returned just by the end of the final score and I noticed that I had timed out for being idle and I hit the 1 second mark for being removed just as the loading screen displayed.

When the match had re-opened, I switched from observation to play with team Nod and after a short time, the player =Bladekilla= commented that I was invisible but I appeared in the chat below. So I explained that I was in Nod and the match began as usual but when the map loaded, I had a blue screen instead of a red screen and I deployed a GDI crawler.

I think that I was probably booted from the hosted match and also remained, which is why I was invisible and the game had GDI as a default setting. This might be the reason why the glitch occurs but we will only know if we test it. It would be really interesting to watch a GDI Vs GDI 1v1 or vice versa if this glitch can be calculated. Any thoughts, share them here with me, I want to know what you guys think.

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