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Timur_Bfme = Hungry troll

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# 1witch_king988 Sep 17 2021, 11:06 AM
Hello everyone, after month of research, now im finaly sure that player named Timur is HungryTroll for sure

1)In begin hungry was very smart with smurfin, and he show ''Timur'' nick as guy who dont know english at all(all goes thru translator, but as soon i insulted hungrys ego in game vs ''Timur'' he began to speak very fluent english and undestood all i wrote him without translator, even further he started about ping, vpn, vpn Radmin, and many internet staff which hungry trol on main acc does like 2 months ago,

2) Timur(HungryTrol) claimed he have only 1 account, but after i cought him he said that he have 2 accounts beacause he have 2 computers in different rooms, so he need 2 accounts rofl, later i saw that he have at least 4-5 accounts on many computers, as hungry trol from main account told me that he have some kind of small company/ office where he works he have acces to many computer's and can host more than 4 rooms for sure, what he did 2-3 months ago and all games was TIMUR REMEMBER THE KING,

3)Many players notice Hungry's behavior in games as timur, so he host game with 2 pc from his office as timur vs someone, and he stream some games on discord, or simply open room as hungry and play as timur, he tricks some players with this trick but ussualy low brain players,

4) HungryTrol was posting at least 1 replay per day on gamereplays, but as soon Timur arived on gamereplays, Hungry didint post any replay even we can see he play everyday, but instead we see Timur posting same amount of replays as HungryTrol does in past coincidence?? i think not

5) How newbie(beginer) player can became in 2 months med/good in 1 vs 1 games and med in 2 vs 2 (Same skils as hungry after 10 + years of play)

6) Reason of this
HungryTrol is very weak on 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 and FFA games, and all other maps than foi and anorien, once he lost 3 vs 3 with mergin and buffaleaxed vs me ganar and stillPlaying and started cry about unbalaced teams, so his main porpuse of makin new identity is to play new maps and modes without people see how he bad is, + to reveal his natural toxic behavior without people know that is him

I have many other proves, as same local time, different ip's of Timur games he posted on gamereplays etc but i think this is more than enough, so hungry u can use ur main account or open new smurf but, try speak less next time, Salute

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# 2gahvin Sep 17 2021, 14:23 PM
The only flaws I can see with your theory is:

Hungrytroll does not have fluent english, he for sure uses a translator like all the other russians.

Hungrytroll doesn't have a job, he stays at home all day playing bfme and call of duty.

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# 3Beterwel Sep 17 2021, 14:36 PM
Month of research into 2 losers. Waste of time wk even for you

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# 4maxsmart Sep 26 2021, 14:34 PM
No point mate.
I'm pretty sure that we are speaking about 2 different very different players. Skills, level of knowledge about game, english and also behauviour.
I'd like to add that timur is getting a very fast improve of game these last months starting as a noob and he plays decent nowadays, even with a very poor connection that affect micro. Sadly not too much good players active, he could grow up with competitive matches.

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