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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Tournament of the Three Rings

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# 1Xelenos Nov 29 2021, 22:33 PM
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Hello everyone ,
You are probably feeling it approaching, the end of the year is coming and we all know in the BFME community that it is thee month for ruthless tournament !!! :pippin: :merry:
This year the BFME online discord community great you with 3 tournaments categorized as such:
Beginner : https://challonge.com/19eeiyvh - Starting the 10 December 2021
Medium : https://challonge.com/5bibpupj - Starting the 15 December 2021
Good/Pro : https://challonge.com/yks44coj - Starting the 20 December 2021

Everyone is welcomed to join the tournament, each bracket have 16 players spots available. In order to join you must provide your Gameranger Name & ID and tell us which tournament you wish to register in(Beginner, Medium, Pro). Note that in order to respect the level requirement at best you will be tested to be sure you are in the appropriate bracket.
You can register in the #registration-tournament-3ring section of the BFME discord: https://discord.gg/HfA5cvA
Mostly all games will be streamed here: https://www.twitch.tv/rcnxelenos so feel free to follow and stay tuned.

Main rule :
• All games will be on GameRanger
• No Army restriction, you can play the army you want
• No rules concerning troops restriction (You can play all the units you want)
• BO3 games until Final which will be BO5
• MAP POOL will be randomized for each game with those specific maps:
Firien Dale
Ford of Bruinen
Hollin II
Mering Stream
Westfold II
Ford of Isen II
Tower Hills

Also as you know we have a BFME II 1.09v2 league. According to level adjustment for the league tournament top 3 of each section will be rewarded with Elo bonus point for the member registered in the bfme II matchmaking league that you can find here: bfme-league
Top 3 from Good/Pro tournament will earn respectively 15 ; 12 & 9 Elo points.
Top 3 from Medium tournament will earn respectively 8 ; 6 & 4 Elo points.
Top 3 from Beginner tournament will earn respectively 3 ; 2 & 1 Elo points.

In hope to please you all and welcome you all, and remember EVERYONE is welcomed to join

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# 2SeñorEcthelion Nov 30 2021, 14:12 PM
I move you to general discussion, nobody checks this section. Once tourney done i can move it back to tournaments.

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# 3Maru Nov 30 2021, 20:56 PM
Many some much true and goodruck everybody.

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# 4Xelenos Dec 2 2021, 18:01 PM
I changed the map pool, some player suggested and added league point

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