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# 1KmartKomandr May 29 2017, 23:28 PM
Hi Guys!

I and my friends run a small StarCraft II casting series on YouTube called Noobs Casting Fools. We've just begun Season 2 and we are looking for replays to cast.

If you want to send us a replay, email us at zealotfeathers@gmail.com and we would be absolutely delighted to cast your game.

We will take any replays you got. Seriously. Anything. Even the boring ones.

Plus, if you are a YouTuber, we'll give a shout out to your channel as well.

Our videos are a mixture of comedy and serious discussion over strategy/tactics. Two of our players are Diamond and watch professional SC2 games regularly. The rest of us...well, we're just comic relief biggrin.gif

If you're not interested, at least tell a friend about us. We're pretty darn small, but our videos are pretty enjoyable. At least we think so wink.gif

Here's some of our stuff:


Some latest games
ekirhs VS BEAST
2v2 Backseat Madness!

These are just two, but we have like 40 other ones we've done since Wings of Liberty.

Again, we'll take anything you got.

KmartKomandr (Zealot Feathers)

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