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Weekend Roundup 10/07

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# 1Rachhet Jun 10 2007, 19:04 PM
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WCG US Open Starcraft Tournament
GameReplays.org proudly to present a little report from WCG US Open Starcraft Tournament which was in New York. We created for you tournament bracket and made an expose of photos from the event

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Black Sea Studios, the developer behind the highly rated strategic simulation Knights of Honor, announced WorldShift today. WorldShift is next-generation, cyber-fantasy RTS game set in a dark future of Earth, where todaysí civilization is only a fading mysterious legend.

StarCraft Nostalgia Article Contest
Do you have stories from the original Starcraft that you want to tell the world? If you do be sure to enter in to the GameReplays.org's 'StarCraft Nostalgia Article Contest!' Write a 1000 words or greater essay and submit it by midnight GMT June 20th.

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