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Weird lags happening from yesterday

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# 1DaUrvi Jan 13 2022, 15:40 PM
Hi guys,

does anyone else have the problem that the game suddenly stops for both players for a few seconds (ranging from 4 to 20 seconds randomly) and then it continues until it happens again? It started yesterday for me and it did not stop and it makes the game unplayable because it turns the game into a turn-based strategy game biggrin.gif. Is it the servers or is it just me ?

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# 2DaUrvi Jan 14 2022, 14:36 PM
Oh, they fixed it, it was a server issue, nevermind biggrin.gif

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# 3miegorengwithprawns Jan 15 2022, 19:36 PM
As you've noted, a server problem. Issue was present for two or three days. Fixed now.

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