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Battle for Middle Earth

Who wants to be BFMEIllionare? Season 2

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# 1Dunedain` Jan 20 2022, 14:40 PM
Hey Bfme Folks smile.gif
Its been a while! since i have hosted an event but,
"Dune is never late nor is he early.
He arrives precisely when he means to."

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Most of you know what is BFMEIllionare but for those who doesn't know it, ill explain it :

Who Wants to Be a BFMEIllionare? is a quiz show, created by Dunedain. The format sees contestants taking on multiple-choice questions based upon general knowledge of bfme, winning a cash prize for each question they answer correctly, with the amount offered increasing as they take on more difficult questions. If an incorrect answer is given, the contestant will leave with whatever cash prize is guaranteed by the last safety net they have passed, unless they opt to walk away before answering the next question with the money the cash prize they had managed to reach. To assist in the quiz, contestants are given a series of "lifelines" to help answer questions.

It Live Telecast on Twitch.tv/Dunedain412

But this year's WWTB BFMEIllionare Season 2 will be different than previous one.
Contestants can now participate alone or with a partner.

The Questions will be asked according to the players,
For Example : the players who is not familiar with patch 1.09 will not get any question related to patch 1.09.

The Questions will be about :

1]Battle for middle earth 1 : Patch 1.09 & 1.06
2]Questions about Lord of the rings & The Hobbit movie
3]Surprise Questions which will include :
Questions about bfme players ( from bfme players spotlight/interview. )
There can be 1 or 2 or none surprise questions in a single round.

How can you play :

You will have to come to discord channel and join a voice call, there will be a stream there
you'll have to watch that screen and questions will be asked there by the host.

Our official expert for the life line ( ask the expert ) will be : Yoshi

For those who wish to participate,
submit following info below :

Your name
Your partner name & your team name ( If you're going to participate with a partner )
Discord ID ( its not required if you're already in Official BFME channel on discord.

Join : Discord Now!

Show will be Live on Twitch.tv/Dunedain412 every weekend or any day ( Depending on contestants schedule.
so stay alert, turn on the notification button of my channel so you wont miss any episode! )

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# 2Beterwel Jan 22 2022, 15:11 PM
BPL was a bigger success.

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# 3B00geyMaN Feb 8 2022, 15:28 PM

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