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# 1EdoX Dec 31 2022, 15:52 PM
Hello everyone, little introduction I'm Edo an active COH player and one of the mods at a very active Discord community of COH.

For the past few months, it has come to my attention that there is an issue with the replays where if you, as player A, share a replay that was played in a custom map from the workshop to player B, player B won't be able to load the replay. To address this issue, I decided to create a tool to attempt to fix these replays. I will be sharing the tool attached to this post, (for an updated version check the github page). As of right now, the tool only fixes replays that have workshop maps in them; it won't fix any other damaged replay as of right now, I hope you find the tool useful!

github: https://github.com/edgarcocco/ReplayFixer/r...es/tag/releases

Note 1: The tool comes with an auto updater so as of right now no need to re-download the tool for future updates.

Note 2: The tool does a pretty good job at handling errors, but feel free to report anything to me, the app writes debug.log files in the app root directory, sharing those would be helpful as well.

Note 3: I had to re-post because first one got deleted over a Discord link, PM me for any questions about the tool

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# 2Swifto Mar 20 2023, 00:36 AM
Edo! Fren! Thank you

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# 3EdoX Apr 5 2023, 22:49 PM
QUOTE(Swifto @ Mar 20 2023, 00:36 AM) *

Edo! Fren! Thank you

Yes sir! you are very welcome!

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# 4Statement Aug 20 2023, 01:30 AM
This is actually very helpful. Thank you for creating this!

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