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General Forum Guidelines

This is a community site, and all we ask is that you treat other people with respect and use common sense when making posts or topics. Bumping, spamming, flaming, trolling and general misconduct is unacceptable in most contexts. Any behavior which is corrosive to the participation of others, or creates a hostile environment, could result in a suspension or permanent ban at the discretion of our moderating team.

You may not post or link to any pornography, nudity, or offensive/unsettling images. Copyrighted material is also disallowed. This includes music, movies, and magazine scans.

Posts must be made in English. However, videos by non-staff members posted in other languages are allowed as long as the comments in the discussion are still in English and the first post states what language is used in the video.

We take cheating VERY seriously, and any of the following may result in a permanent ban from GameReplays:

- Using a third party cheat or banned in-game exploit.
- Posting links to cheats or explaining how to abuse exploits.
- Accusing others of cheating without proof.

Any images, text, or links in your profile (including your signature and avatar) must adhere to the rules of content described above. Maximum signature size is 570 x 150, and 100kb in size. Avatars must be no larger than 50 KB. You may create only ONE GameReplays account.