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Staff rules of conduct

This is our checks and balances system. Staff are not here to rule, they are here to serve and these rules are displayed publicly to ensure that staff use their powers correctly and discretely.

General Behavior
  • Staff must behave professionally.
  • Staff should not resort to insults, even if they are under attack by others.
    - Abusive language will result in a warning and/or demotion.
  • Staff are here to keep the site running smoothly, not for the sake of having moderating powers.
  • Staff must be willing to help anyone with questions they might have.
  • All information in the staff areas is to be kept confidential and not exposed to the members unless there is good cause.
  • Staff members should always act with common sense.
  • Staff must not bicker or fight amongst each other in public.
Rules and Guidelines Concerning Moderating
  • Absolutely no power abuse is tolerated. For example..
    - Deleting, moving, or editing replays or posts that may incriminate or embarrass the associated staff member
    - Deleting, moving, or editing topics or posts that the staff member does not agree with (such as personal opinion of the game)
    ..will result in a warning and/or a demotion.
  • Deleting posts or replies is only done when they are duplicates of a previous post or topic. All other posts or topics that the moderating staff member deems unsuitable for public display are to be set invisible. This helps preserve the original contents for the sake of archiving evidence, as members will no longer be able to edit them, and cleans the public view of the topic while keeping everything in context for staff.
  • Locking topics is a last resort. Moderators should make an effort to clean up the thread of all offending material and replies instead of locking it.
  • Editing of public posts is generally not done, unless it's to correct a distracting error like a faulty link or broken BBcode. Posts that are deemed inappropriate or offensive are set invisible to everyone except of the author of the post and staff who moderate that forum. An explanation why the post was hidden from public view may be edited into the post, below the unchanged, original text.
  • Always leave a link to the source forum when moving a topic so that the person who posted it knows where to find it, or where to post it next time.