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Posted by: Mako Dec 5 2017, 13:18 PM

How to install and play The Rise of the Witch-king

Install The Battle for Middle-earth II

  1. Download and install or any equivalent program which works best for you. Keep an eye out for potential toolbars and other unwanted programs when installing!. On Windows 10 you don't need it even if we suggest to have it.
  2. Download the clean ISO of
  3. Mount the downloaded .iso file with or equivalent program.
    If you already have the original game CDs or DVD, however, you can just insert it in the DVD drive.
    If you have Windows 10 just open it and install it.
  4. Install the game from the now-mounted disk image. If you need a serial key, check
    • Antivirus programs and Google may flag this file as a virus, it's not. The keygen is perfectly safe!
    • You will need some unzip program like
  5. Download and install the latest EA patch (Select the game language you installed)
    Alternativly you can download and install, that contains 1.00, 1.06 and 1.09. Switch to 1.06 if you want play Rotwk.

Install Rise of the Witch-King 2.01

  1. Make sure you have installed BFME2 as per our guide. If you haven't, check the related tab to the right of this guide. RotWK will not work on its own, as it is merely an expansion pack.
  2. Download the clean ISO of
  3. Mount the downloaded .iso file with or equivalent program.
    The process is equivalent to point 3 and 4 of The Battle for Middle-earth II installation. You only have to change your serial key with Rise of the Witch-King's one.
  4. Download and install for your game language (use the DVD versions, unless you're still using the copy from EA Store/Origin).

Install Rise of the Witch-King 2.02

  1. Download and install During the installation process choose the standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) version if you have a 4:3 monitor or 16:9 one.
  2. Run the game! You will no longer need the ISO mounted, or the DVD inserted in your drive.

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If you want to keep playing on a previous version

To play 2.01 you have to:
  1. Switch back from 2.02 to 2.01 via the 2.02 switcher. Run it as admin if it crashes or random errors pop up
  2. Download Unzip and Mount the .mds with or equivalent program. Refer to the for further information.
To play Bfme2 1.09 you have to:
  1. Have, that contains 1.00, 1.06 and 1.09 and switch back to 1.09
To play Bfme2 1.06 or 1.00 you have to:
  1. Have, that contains 1.00, 1.06 and 1.09 and switch back to 1.06 (or 1.00).
  2. Download Unzip and mount the .mds with or equivalent program. Refer to the for further information that the process is equal for bfme2 images.

Common Issues

We have some common issues. Check them if you have problems.If you don't find any solution there, please check our and then, if you didn't resolve it, create new thread in our

Posted by: Mako Jan 16 2018, 16:31 PM

Stop Working

A game crash without any error message (the game just "stopped working")?

  1. Download
    Attached File
    Size: 763bytes
    Number of downloads: 310
    Player Name Side Team
  2. This zip contains RotWK's secondary, hidden directory (My Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king) which would typically be found by searching %AppData% > Roaming. If you're experiencing a crash on start followed by no error message, you're most likely missing this directory. If not, the issue would be graphics card related in which case you would need to follow the link at the bottom of this post.

Posted by: Mako Jan 16 2018, 16:32 PM


This happens when you are trying lunch RotWK (2.01 or only 2.02?) with enabled Bfme2 1.09 patch version.

Solution: Lunch bfme2 patch switcher and switch back to 1.06. (RUN AS ADMIN?)

Posted by: Mako Jan 16 2018, 16:32 PM

"No-CD" Error

Posted by: Mako Jan 16 2018, 16:32 PM

Switcher "checksum error"

If you get the following error when trying to apply 2.02:
Error: Could not switch file game.dat
because: Can not find any file with checksum

Most likely your anti-virus software has removed a crucial 2.02 file called game.dat (or game.other).

1. Remove the file from quarantaine and apply 2.02 via the switcher again.
2. Disable your anti-virus software and reinstall 2.02.

Posted by: David9211 Feb 24 2018, 03:40 AM

If possible, I would like the 1 on 1 help to help me Download this. Screen sharing would be of great help.

I have tried Downloading everything on my own. It worked for an hour on BfME2 but then once i tried RotWK then it all went south. I am trying to have these two as well as 2 other mods on my computer again.

I Don't know to well what I am Doing. I would like to learn and get this taken care of hahaha. Used to use the Discs which have now worn away before i knew to burn them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to Do it right without having too many Downloads and files.

Thank You.

Posted by: Mako Feb 24 2018, 22:40 PM

We didn't do a good video that shows how to install this game. But bro the guide is pretty simple. Follow step by step and tell us (maybe with some screenshots) if you have some problems.

Where are you from?

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