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# 1Major May 3 2006, 01:38 AM
Rise of Legends Ranking System Overview
By Stuart Jeff, Multiplayer Programmer

Rise of Legends players have several tools available to compare themselves to other players.

Player Experience:

The primary tool is the experience system. As you play games online you will either gain or lose experience points based on how well you performed. At the end of a game our experience engine will sort all of the players involved into a final standings list. These standings are based on if you won or lost the game first and then by how many points you scored during the game. You will then be compared to each player in the list and gain or lose experience relative to the initial difference in experience between you and the other player. Your total change in experience is the average of your experience gained or lost to each player multiplied by a game multiplier. The multiplier used is determined based on the type of game played. While you will gain or lose experience from every game played, you get significantly more experience by playing through our quickmatch system.

If you play a team game then you will not gain or lose experience against players on your team. Also, if anyone on your team wins then everyone on that team wins. The final standings are sorted by winners and losing teams first, average team score second, and then by points scored by each player. You will gain or lose experience from every player on each of the opposing teams rather than gaining or losing points based on the average team score.

The experience system is further divided into the types of experience. Each player gains 1v1 experience for head-to-head games, team experience for team games, and ffa experience for free for all games. You will not gain experience from any game which involved an AI from the beginning and you also will not gain experience from any game which uses custom map rules (i.e. king of the hill or barbarians at the gate). These experience points are used to award each player an experience level. Experience levels range from 1-50 and are designed to give you a good idea of how you compare relative to another player. You may lose enough experience to drop a level but you will never go above level 50 and you will never go below level 1.

The experience levels are then used to generate a seven different global ranking ladders. The player experience ladders are: 1v1, team, free for all, alin, cuotl, vinci, and random. The players at the top of each ladder will have the most experience in each of the relevant game types. The top 20 players on each ladder are displayed in game.

Clan Experience:

Players can also create clans with other players and collectively gain experience as a group. If you are a member of a clan then every game you play will also cause your clan to gain or lose experience in much the same way that a player would. The best way to visualize this is to imagine that a clan is a player who can be played by anyone who is currently a member of that clan. What this means is that clans track all the same stats that a player would and therefore also have an experience level for 1v1, team, and free for all games just like a player. We have three separate clan experience ladders which are available in game to report the top 1v1, team, and free for all clans.

Competitive Play:

In addition to the experience system we also support an ELO (1600 based) system to track a player's skill in 1v1 quickmatch games. Only 1v1 games played using the quickmatch system contribute to your ELO score. This system works identically to the well known chess ratings system and is the most direct representation of a players raw Rise of Legends skill. We display a ladder of the top competitive players in game.

Ok and now for some screenshots!

account list:
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chat invite:
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chat player created room:
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community buddylist:
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create a clan:
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more to come soon...

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# 2.Necron May 5 2006, 08:04 AM
Great and interesting stuff, interface looks quite basic but quite effective.

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# 3DuRiN May 5 2006, 08:53 AM
the interface owns, not many games got so much addition smile.gif

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# 4Major May 5 2006, 15:16 PM
the interface is amazing tbh, wish we had this with bfme sad.gif

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# 5Gnug315 May 5 2006, 15:23 PM
Looks good, hope it works with a gazillion players logged on smile.gif

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# 6--ReLixXz-Z- May 5 2006, 15:31 PM
The login screen reminds of the windows xp login screen, similar layout. biggrin.gif

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