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Liberty Crossing

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# 1xFactor Oct 4 2007, 01:54 AM
[h1]Liberty Crossing[/h1]
October 3, 2007

IPB Image

Today I'll be showing you how to successfully cross the channel in between Ellis and Governor's Island on the MP map, Liberty. The map, Liberty, is greatly criticized for not being a pure land combat map, however even with this factor this map opens up a total new form of strategy than is commonly used in WiC multiplayer.

IPB Image

In order to cross the channel, you must either have transport helicopters or Amphibious vehicles. Support and most of Armor is rendered useless because of the crossing, adding an interesting feature as well. Be a kind soul and transport other people's infantry if they're around and don't have any way to get across, they will help you in the long run of things! After you're loaded up and ready to go, go ahead and head into the channel. There's one exit in the north by the pier, which is the most commonly used exit. As you cross the channel, keep your eye open because enemy air will try and head you down. Try to have an Air player support/cover you as you cross in order to ensure everyone gets across safely. Once you get across, unload your troops and push forward! You'll only be encountering light vehicles and infantry. If the crossing given doesn't work, going around the long way to the island is very useful, but requires a lot more time!

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