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A few PE questions

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# 1luckysneezle Feb 22 2011, 17:10 PM
A few quick questions I have been wondering about.

Im a fairly new player and I guess i like most to play PE and Brits (its a point of pride to not use Roos or Staghound).

With that in mind most of these questions are about the PE.
Any help would be GREAT!

1. If i garrison a whole bunch of units in a building, like say 2 full squads of rifles am i getting any benefit?
While I know that garrisons provide a LOT of cover from all directions I am curious as to whether all 12 soldiers are able to fire back in one direction?
Am i feeling the benefit of garrisoning 12 soldiers or would it be a more firepower efficient move to have one squad garrisoned and the other outside nearby.
Same question regarding the halftrack actually. If i put two units of Tank Hunters in a IHT will they fire 2 zooks? or is it just one squad that is able to fire?

2. Actually a whole question on the PE IHT, it seems that my troops can get mortared, sniped and flamed from inside that. Whats the deal with that? The bren (i know a lot of people view it as OP) doesnt let that happen to its payload, do you think relic will balance it one way or another in the beta?

3. Def Ops for the PE, I see that it heals my troops in FHQ which is great, does it also restore abilities like it would at the base?
Is there a benefit for example to build one near the action for my ATHT to return to for another round of treadbreaker?

4. The Vampire, its a pretty cool unit and i think i have got it down.
Am i right in thinking the best place to put it when fighting Brits would be his original starting point? that way i siphon off 50% of the manpower generated and have cut all other sections income in half as all of his other sections are connected to that one.

If thats true is there a benefit to leaving points in enemy hands in order for the vampire to drain them?

5. How does Zeal work?
I notice a massive boost to my Grens when i get it, same as when i get Vet. Sergeants but i dont actually know what it does.
Can someone clarify this?

6. Is it just me or is the Hotchkiss an almost useless unit?
I seem to have real difficulty in finding a niche for it. It cant AI and it certainly cant AT.
And its super expensive. Whats its purpose?
Note i dont invest in the upgun ability, preferring to spend my munis on the rockets instead, is that what im missing?

It seems to be just a general vehicle, seemingly more fitting to replace the ATHT or AC then the PEs only battle tank. Am i missing something?

Anyway, thats all i can think of.

Im slowly learning to play so please be patient with me if i have missed anything obvious or these questions seem stupid. biggrin.gif
Again, any response from you would be great

oh yeah, if anyone could tell me the best way to use Falls that would be great as well. I have kind of been charging them in like MP44s and while that sometimes works great, more often they end up pinned by rifles and then dying.

are they meant to be used at range like a g43?

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# 2UtahSword Feb 23 2011, 04:47 AM
For Q.1 it is more effient to have one squad in a house and another one nearby as the lots of squads in a house can attract indirect fire and also the one unit not in the house could be used for numerous other purposes.
For Brits it's just better to build sit trenches
Q.2 Personally I have no idea how this happens so we'll have to leave that question for the experts.
Q.3 You should try this on your own a find out for yourself.
Q.4 Well it depends....
Q.6 It depends on how you use it because personally I find it to be ok at AI and the rocket upgrade is great for destroying sim cities vs brits but overall I find it to be useless as well.

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# 3ritterkreuz21 Aug 5 2012, 17:40 PM
1- If you have 2 squads that means you have 6-8 men. Most of the time you won't find buildings with as many windows on ONE SIDE. Unless you have enemies coming from all sides, you are actually loosing DPS because each PG will be covering one window. If you are facing 2 rifles from one side, they have the edge bcoz all 12 of them are shooting at 3 PG (max. 4 men if it is a big house)...

3- I'm pretty much sure it does reset abilities like flame nades or AT nades. Not sure about treadbreaker but I don't see why not... (The Defense Ops icon shows Health + Ammo icons)

4- I think it's 50% resources of that particular sector (not sure though)
As for "leaving" (on purpose? is that what you mean?) points for your enemy in order to drain is complete nonsense. If you are "leaving" the point for him that means he is still getting the other 50% and you are still missing 50% from the total...
Why not capture it and take 100% for yourself ?
The only reason I would do this, is if it's deep inside his territory (close to his base) and it is worth it (+10 or +16 fuel/am), and I know I will not be able to link it to my supply routes (early/mid game)...

6-I'm not a big fun of hotchkiss either it is meant to be AI/anti-emplacement and I think it does not serve it's purpose compared to Support Panzer IV. The only advantage is probably the indirect fire of its rockets but considering the ammo to upgrade, i think this is hardly an advantage... P4>>>>>>Hotchkiss in terms of AI and has still a good Anti-Emplacement capability...

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# 4Catmandu Jun 5 2013, 21:40 PM
1) only one guy per window facing the enemy will fire, so one squad is better than 2 in house

4)yes, there could definetly be an advantage to leaving a strat point in enemy control for a vamp to park on. Especially if it were capped very early, or if you decap other points, such as fuel or ammo, when the enemy retakes them, they will be subject to the 50% vamp tax.

5)zeal gives benefits for having squads close to each other, vet sergeant increases vet gain and reduces suppression

6)NO! Hotch is pretty awesome everything. It costs 280MP and 45 fuel to build one(as opposed to 420MP and 60 Fuel)so build three, it's a bargain. Also 3 Hotchkiss can easily destroy a Pershing, while 3 PIV can not.

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# 5szewc_svd Jul 8 2013, 18:07 PM
Ad. 2. If sniper attack full loaded IHT it will often kill 2 PG with one shot...
Ad. 6. Hothkiss is great... Upgunned penetrates everything almost every time, it is fast cheap and in mass <5 and more> can rape almost everything.

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