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# 1281ThePistols Mar 31 2013, 19:04 PM
"This profile is currently busy", anyone else getting this?

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Game: Company of Heroes

# 1282lever01 Mar 31 2013, 20:36 PM

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Game: Company of Heroes

# 1283YankeePanzer Apr 5 2013, 19:13 PM
QUOTE(ThePistols @ Mar 31 2013, 14:04 PM) *

"This profile is currently busy", anyone else getting this?

Same. If you mean that you come onto the loading screen, you get in and see your profiles, but then it goes red.

I haven't played CoH for weeks since the servers were down and now after a while I still am having problems logging in? This is very disappointing post-13661-1143531603.gif


Nvm, I put in my CoH disk and it started working again

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# 1284ds2 Jun 18 2013, 18:19 PM
Good night, sweet CoH.

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