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CNC Zero Hour

is it possible to increase zoom high for lan play with gentools installed?

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# 1CnConquer Sep 14 2021, 22:18 PM
hello, i manage a gaming lounge and i have a group of friends that frequently come and play generals at the lounge, since i run it i installed gentools as well as patch 1.06 so we can enjoy the game better with fewer bugs and better balance, everything was mostly fine until covid hit and at some point a friend from the group went to a different lounge and played generals zero hour with way higher zoom distance, took a pic and started hounding me basically to increase the zoom distance for generals in the lounge, i know i can do that but i would need to uninstall gentools and i rather not do that since it provides much needed utilities for the game, so my question is would it be possible to increase camera max height with gentools installed?

ps: none of us play online, we're way too nooby for that and mostly play with 5min no attack rules etc..

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