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Apparently Leikeze Is Also Anti Semitic

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# 1jeWJiTsu^ Aug 6 2019, 13:12 PM
Go ahead. Take down my post. Ban me. I dont want to be part of a community run by an anti semite. Hopefully somebody notices and realizes you're a piece of shit before you do.

I am disappointed this community accepts such toxicity and that a person who is supposed to moderate this kind of hate speech is himself promoting it.

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# 2jeWJiTsu^ Aug 6 2019, 13:20 PM
He also never paid me the $20 for the money match he set up between me and Jarmen, but I guess he'll just call me a greedy jew if I actually ask him to pay up

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# 3Leikeze Aug 6 2019, 23:13 PM
You're definitely not going to be banned for being a hardcore SJW. biggrin.gif

QUOTE(Leikeze @ Jun 30 2019, 12:44 PM) *

Hmm, I believe that I should always inform the players of challenges that they should send me their PayPal addresses, so I can pay them when they win.

JewJitsu still hasn't, so...

Please send me your PayPal address, like everybody else knows to do. wink.gif

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