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Rise of the Witch King

Do forged blades work ?

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# 1TomaSkTemplar Jan 28 2021, 11:08 AM
when hovering above units, it shows damage, aggressive, defensive, it will show.


when upgrading with forged blades, I tried Gondor soldiers, Rohan Spearmen, Tower Guards, Lorien barracks units, none of them shows damage state change. (50 dmg, 40 dmg, 75 dmg after upgrade)

Silverthorne the same.

But I guess it has to be some bug or something, because there is a great difference, I tried killing a troll, normal arrows - 5 salvos, silverthorne, 3x

when u guys plan to do the next iteration, if posible, and you know how to do it, let the player know how much he gains with upgrades. Unless I somehow managed to install the game and mod in a wrong way.

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# 2Feanor Jan 28 2021, 14:33 PM
Just read it in the stats folder.

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