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My theory on life, religion, and science

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# 1Paradox^ Jul 8 2012, 01:53 AM
This may seem a little out there, and if you're religious, sorry, I don't mean to offend you. You should probably stop reading here, or just understand that other people have their own viewpoints for their own reasons and use this to question (or strengthen) your own beliefs.

I pretty much broke away from Catholicism in high school and haven't really had any second thoughts of returning. In that time, I've thought a lot about life, it's purpose, and what it means to be conscious. I've had a lot of people ask me about why I would feel that life is "just an accident" or an infinitely impossible chance that just happened to come true.

Like I said, chances are this is wrong, and may sound completely stupid (I was honestly high when I thought of it, but it's stuck with me the past few weeks), but I feel like I need to tell someone because if I don't share my ideas, no one ever will see it from my viewpoint, and a stepping stone toward understanding why we're here could be lost. Anyway, my theory follows:

We already know that matter and energy can not be created, nor destroyed (theoretically). Maybe that's the same with life. Maybe life is not only physical, but something that can be measured. And maybe, instead of only matter and energy being able to be transferred between each other, life can be transferred between those two as well (and vice versa).

One thing I've always learned is that the simplest things are usually the right things. Obviously if you start looking at the world from a molecular standpoint and a universal standpoint it becomes extraordinarily complicated, but that could easily be because we are trying to understand it through the limits of our own knowledge and tools, something that will ALWAYS be inadequate. Maybe if we had god like powers, these complicated scenarios would seem painfully obvious.

This is where religion comes in. It seems a little far fetched to me that there is another universe (heaven/hell) with an all powerful being who works to make everyone infinitely happy, but only if they do what he commands on earth. That said, it is just as far fetched that I am alive at this very moment, not only beating out the trillions of sperm on a world that is perfect for life, but also that I was not born during the infinite number of years both before and after now. My theory is that if life cannot be created nor destroyed, we have always been alive in some way.

With that said, I don't believe in the simplistic form of reincarnation (you become a bug or an eagle or something after death). By being alive I do not mean conscious. Trees are "living", but if I was a tree...well I doubt I'd know it

Now most atheists will say when your dead, that's it. Your dead. But if life is indeed a measurable object, it would simply be transferred to something else. While it wouldn't be in the same way of living as we know it, you would still be just as alive as you are now. For example, your life could go toward those organisms that break down your body after death. Once those die, it will go to something else. Possibly building up over time to the point where it is a conscious being.

If you take anything away from this rambling, what I am trying to say is that maybe life can be measured, and when you die you are not necessarily gone. Maybe you were even here before your own "life". Is it really that far fetched of an idea? I'm going to end this here before I get too far fetched and go off on any number of tangents. Let me know what you think.

*Another thing I just thought of when reading this, maybe you weren't technically a sperm that beat out all the others. Maybe that was just the energy, and physical attributes of your body, and your measurable amount of life was always destined to enter into whichever "body" won out. Or maybe not.

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# 2IDKwhoiam Jul 9 2012, 03:26 AM
This was a surprisingly serious post for these forums. It was certainly an interesting read.

I myself am not religious in any way but I will say that I have my own theory on life and consciousness. This came about while being drunk, not high, but given that matter is finite and therefore has a finite number of permutations that given an infinite amount of time, matter can rearrange itself in exactly the same permutation that it is in right now. Meaning that after you die, you can experience an infinite amount of time until matter rearranges itself to form whatever it is that makes you conscious again.

This falls apart in the face of theories like The Big Rip or an infinitely expanding universe, but if you believe in a Big Crunch end of the universe then from a mathematical standpoint you WILL experience "rebirth" at some point given random initial starting conditions.

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# 3Paradox^ Jul 9 2012, 23:17 PM
What it comes down to is that there's just too much to even remotely understand, and whatever we believe will probably be off base. Another interesting thing that my friend told me that kind of freaked me out: What if everything you are experiencing right now is just a really vivid trip from the DMT that your body is currently releasing before death? You'd never know.


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