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Supreme Commander 2

Science here.

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# 1Omni_Project Feb 19 2010, 18:44 PM

Some of you may recognise me from Supcom & FA as Science_Project, but I have changed ever so slighty to match up with the fresh new sequel. I am new to gamereplays - really ought to have joined it earlier but have only been prompted to do so now by some friends what with the upcoming release of Supcom 2. I look forward to purging the galaxy of your miserable souls, but feel free to drop by and say hi before the upcoming war!
Good luck, and have fun smile.gif

-Omni Project

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# 2Katzenkrimis Mar 1 2010, 07:17 AM
welcome! you are the champ!

i love your avatar. i hated the movie, though. : D

i won't be buying this game, so there's one less 'miserable galaxy soul purge' for you. -lol.

but i'll be in your corner, cheering you on.

Omni! Omni! Omni!

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# 3Omni_Project Mar 5 2010, 14:22 PM
Rofl! Katzenkrimis you are a conundrum indeed. See you around! smile.gif

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Game: Supreme Commander 2


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