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Battlefield 3


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# 1Techamber1 Nov 16 2010, 20:33 PM
Any tips or strategies or anything? Haven't really played it yet and want to know.

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# 2Brownbear55 Nov 24 2010, 17:17 PM
oh and for tips and strats?
i only really play Five but i'm playing the other level some more now.

on Five stay in the first room til about round 4, it's easily defended.
then open the first door and you get access to a small corridor.

you can defend there for 2 more rounds but clear the debris to the elevator so you can all go down just in case.
make sure you just defend the corridor by lying prone in the elevator or standing near it.

when you're down there's only 4 windows so you can defend some more.
get the MP5K as the other gun only has 20 bullets (the MP5K is to the right)
after another round or two go downstairs and straight to the elevator and defend from there, there's a stakeout which makes for a good secondary. remember to look behind you to defend the gap within the elevator.

when you're swampoed go downstairs, kill the zombies but leave one (they're slow) run around and look inside every room for the mystery weapon box.

note what room it and kill the zombies.
stay at the elevator defending but switch to your shitty weapon when the level goes dark and the voice over says something about containment.
the thief comes now and steals whatever gun you're holding.
after he;s gone open the door and grab stuff from the mystery weapon. use the portals when overwhelmed and try and get back to the DEFCON room for easier defending, returning downstairs when it's quiet. But try and stay in the room the mystery box is in and have as many goes on it as possible.

continue like this and you can go far, i think my top level is 17? but i'm not too sure.
still working on more tactics to go for after i get past that part however.
also, try and do it repeatedly in a party so you get a system drilled into you all.

and that's how i've been doing things anyways. i think it's a good tactic.

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