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-BaSiC - Teamkilling - Confirmed

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# 1JarmenElectra Jun 9 2019, 19:09 PM
Big noob team mate on defcon... I kill the guy next to me with zero assistance from my mate. First thing my mate does is instantly drop the oils and attempt to steal them from me, I kill his 2 rangers he proceeds to kill me + throw some racist language at me
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AullSlays 1
Ali93reza 2
-BaSiC 3
arshiya 2
exoticbuilds* 3

You may very well be like, but you killed his rangers first!?
I killed 2 rangers stealing oils that he had absolutely no right to take and requested he stop which he ignored. Without me that AFG wouldnt even have died, and dare I say my noob buddy most likely wouldnt have even survived the dozer hunt had he been in my position, let alone kill the afg in 2 minutes.
Either way, no matter how you look at it, killing 2 rangers is never justification for killing your entire mate imo (especially as I actually allowed him to cap one oil out the pair which I could have easily denied with the raps right there circling).

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