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Battle for Middle Earth

How to counter Isengard rain and get LD back

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# 1Beterwel Jul 31 2021, 16:38 PM
Hi all,

This will be my first contribution to the 1.09 strategy forum. As we’re getting more and more (new) players, I’d like to share knowledge on the gameplay. I hope this will help players to improve their gameplay and also to challenge other players to share their opinion and point of view on different topics. I am a main 2v2 player and thus my topics will be mainly focused on 2v2 gameplay. You might be able to use some knowledge for other game modes, but that will never be my focus.
The topic I will be addressing is 4 ways to get leadership back after your opponent uses rain and how to apply them.

The rain power description: all enemy units lose all leadership bonuses for 2 minutes.

We have all been in that situation. You are up against a team with Isengard in it. It is midgame and big battles are taking place all around the map. Suddenly your opponent uses rain and you are left without leadership. The enemy combo’s and horses are ripping you apart because they have leadership and you don’t.
Fortunately for us, there are ways to get your leadership back before the rain timer runs out. Here are 4 ways that you can apply to get leadership back and that will get you back into the game:

1. Enemy lands

In many games lands are used early game before rain. If there is an enemy land on the map, you can use/abuse this land to get leadership back. At the moment rain is used, you run your units over the enemy land and you will get leadership back.
Imagine the following situation. You’re in a combo versus combo fight and your opponent uses rain. You instantly use land. Your opponent covers the land and puts it on top of your combos. When you run off the land you will get your leadership back because it was an enemy land your units were standing on.
In good player games this is one of the main reasons why players don’t cover land when they have an isengard in their team. In the end this can backfire and your opponent can use your land to get leadership back after rain was used, making it pretty much useless.

2. Regenerating units

When your opponent uses rain all of your units on the map at that moment lose their leadership for 2 minutes. However, this does not apply for units that regenerate. If you have units near a well and they recover, the new units will get leadership back. This also applies to units that regenerate by using the heal power or when bannered units recover.

3. Producing or summoning new units

As stated in point 2, rain only affects units that are currently on the map. Any units that come out of their production building or that are summoned after rain has been used, will still have leadership.
Some ways this is being used by good players to counter an isengard with rain is to keep their summons until after rain has been used. At the moment the opponent uses rain in a battle, a gondor or rohan will summon elves/rohirrim. The summoned units will still have leadership.

Another good way that this is used is when mordor spams new orcs that can fight the isen combos. The fresh orcs will still have leadership. A replay has been added where our strategy specialist Felixanius uses this trick to effectively fight off Fishy’s isen combos. Fishy is attacking Felixanius’ base and the two orc pits in front keep producing even after rain has been used. Felix gives them leadership with drummer/dark/wk. The orcs have leadership and are able to fight off Fishy for some time. Link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1100988824?t=01h49m00s watch from 1 hour 49 minutes.

4. Wormtongue

The last way units can get leadership back is when they are taken over by an enemy’s Saruman wormtongue. After units that are taken by wormtongue are returned to their original player, the units will have leadership back. A replay that shows this trick being used has been attached to this post. In the replay you see that Orange takes over Thorin’s and my trolls after he used rain. When he used rain, our trolls were useless because they had no leadership. However, when we get them back we use dark eye and put the witchking close again so they have leadership back. We kill everything with them after.
I hope the guides gave you some new insights on how to counter that nasty Isengard rain power.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions, just put them below.

Replay LD back after Wormtongue
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