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Been a while, one more for old time's sake

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# 21Cypher Feb 4 2020, 21:25 PM
That's not how anything works in the real world either.
But that's because staff was full of teenagers who took this stuff way too serious. Then there were times where kids reported any minuscule inanity because they wanted to troll everybody, 500 times per day. Or people registering 100 accounts per day just to post porn as soon as they found out about disposable email addresses.

But, for what it's worth, that was activity that goes to Reddit nowadays.

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# 22X-Flame Feb 9 2020, 20:15 PM
There was a dude posting gore photos of people growing massive facial tumors. Hunting that dude down was not fun.

GR lost because we lost the HoN and SC2 battle. Also the death of RTS in general. Short of AoE2, nobody plays those games anymore.

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