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# 1Maru Apr 5 2018, 00:53 AM
I have complied a list of work-on points below, that I have gathered across the multiple discord chats that I/we have going. Feel free to give them a read and see what you agree with and can work on for next game. We did really well for our first competitive match, there was a lot of positive actions, and a few less so, which we can improve on. Lets not forget, that even getting 36 people into a game for a competitive match was no easy feat in its self, it is our first step in the competitive direction from being just a group of people without a clan not even 3 months ago. Without further ado, here are my work on points in no particular order.

PS: These are not work on points for tactics/squad leading stuff, just regular improvements that I think we can all work on, especially myself.
  • 360 defence. 360 defence. 360 defence. Push off the HAB/bunker locations and spread out in (you guessed it) 360 defence around cap points. Don't be afraid to push as far out as the cap allows so you're right on the border with the cap/uncappable zone. Have one dude face rear even if on the move (when we go prone)
  • Don't bunch up, spread out. I know we've done formations in training and they are a little hard to do in game, so no need to bother with it properly. Instead of 5 metre gaps between people, we should be aiming for 10-15 metre spacings.This goes for defending too, spread out. Always look to your left and right, think "Am I too close to someone, should I be behind them or to the side of them"?? (it's probably the latter not the former)
  • Watch for mines at all times. Do not channel your self.
  • Be responsive, don't take any more time than is necessary to act. A good team is able to adapt to the situation and stay close (but not too close) to the rest of the squad.
  • Stay attentive, and have map awareness where possible. This means searching/listening for enemy radios/habs or vehicles.
  • Precise comms. This is really important. Try and say what you need to say in the least amount of words possible if it is over the squad radio. (local comms is different) Too many people talking at once causes confusion and leads to loss of key information.
  • Kind of an obvious one, but try your best to win gun battles. If you need you improve your aim, head down Jensen range tongue.gif A lot of competitive matches are won and lost on kills, not just the cap points. If only 1 ticket is causing a bleed then it simply isn't enough to hold a central cap. We were out gunned considerably when playing as militia without optics, and were (exactly even) when playing with optics. This means we are worse with iron sights. Try and practise with the iron sights, get a feel for the weapon.
  • If you do lose a gun battle, try and wait for a medic. We need to order our selves so that medics are able to get people up, that is where some sort of formation is useful. If we are running up a hill in a straight line, we will be picked off one by one and scattered about the battlefield, with no chance of a medic or covering fire to suppress while the medic does his work. Do an assessment, (can a medic get to me? If yes, then hold spawn).
Quick summary:

1) 360 defence at all times, even on the move. If we go prone, have one guy facing rear.
2) Watch your spacing at all times. Look around you, AM I TOO CLOSE/TOO FAR?
3) MINES HURT!!! Watch out for them at choke points or roads.
4) Be responsive and quick.
5) Stay focused/attentive. Enemy Fob/Hab/Vehicle/Infantry close?
6) Accurate and short comms. Keep that radio clear as much as possible.
7) Practise with the iron sights, try and stay focused and not just sprint headfirst into the enemy.
8) Wait for a medic, and keep rough formations where possible so medics can do their work under cover.
9) Mortars ftw.

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# 2Allmektig!!1 Apr 5 2018, 01:18 AM
1. in the squad we can have key roles(MG,SCOPEDRIFLEMAN, grenadier,etc) always hold the same flank(NORTH,EAST etc) then we will be queiker getting in defense posistion on the defense flag. if they die we will know where enemys is.

2. important..(mortar, automatic guns, grenadier) so easy for them to take us out.

3. the bloody mines!

4. a system like in point 1. will let us think faster

5. The sprinting mechanic is a bieatch.. try playing a game without using sprint... the focus is so much better

6. COMMS COMMS COMMS.. i hate shouting that as a SL

7. easy.. just download some hacks.. JK

8. Its easy to run to the enemy and die just too shout after the god damn medic that is not doing his job.. play more SAFE

9. Communication is key for mortars.. also defending the mortars is just as important.. ALways have ppl watching over them.. when the mortars is good they are our ANGELS FROM THE SKY

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# 3Zild Apr 5 2018, 08:02 AM
We definitely need to use formations more. Given the length of time between the training and the match I had all but forgotten where I belong in the formation, so we need to practice this together more often, ideally in actual games.

But I think we need to push out further - not just staying within the cap. Yes we need a solid core of bodies on there, but not everyone. Where is the scope providing overwatch? Where is the machine gun placed to mow down the advancing enemy? Everybody talks about flanking on the offensive but a well placed defence should have flanking built in - that is to say, fire coming in from multiple angles.

Related to this, we used our fire teams wrong. They shouldn't be split into performing two separate tasks (assaulting alpha and clearing gamma) but should be coordinating on the same task (first clearing gamma together, then assaulting alpha together). Perhaps this is clear from the stream where we can see just how much effort (manpower) the enemy put into each of those points, but if we didn't know this at the time then we also needed better recon to tell us this.

Comms. Yes there was too much - in squad and in SL comms - but there were also some things that didn't get said that should have. I knew there was bound to be a mine somewhere between our HAB and main, given our HAB had been IEDed, but I should have called this in so the SL could mark the map. Might have saved our striker. Salty and Para heard the radio on warehouse but don't think they called it in - I think if we knew they were so close to it we could have directed our search better, and not pulled everybody off to return to Quarry. This could have killed their HAB and potentially saved ours too - an 80 point ticket swing.

And we need to push FOBs more. We concentrated way too much on flags (in both senses). Usually when we lost points it was because we lost our ability to reinforce (our HAB) first. By assaulting the enemy HABs not only are we impeding their ability to reinforce and stealing big chunks of tickets, we are also denying them a strong flanking position on the flag (obviously I'm thinking about Alpha and Gamma here in particular).

Mortars, yes we need to defend them, and with the right tools. This is at least a three man job if you want to have continual mortar fire - a mortar operator, a dedicated overwatch, and a logi operator. I suspect it is not coincidence they dug our mortar fob whilst I was on a logi run... (I'm just a coward!)

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# 4Maru Apr 12 2018, 22:15 PM
Read both of these a while back and there's lots of good points.
Was thinking, maybe we trial a system where the clan put the sprint key to a very awkward place on their keyboard so they only use it when they have to. A position where it's impossible for them to move forward, shoot and hold sprint. Im looking at somewhere near the numlock. So we only choose to sprint when it's miles away from the enemy because we know we can't shoot.

Maybe, just maybe, we even disable it all together! So that the key bind isn't set at all.

Gonna get in game now and trial it.

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