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Warcraft 3 - TFT

New player here

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# 1Virii May 15 2007, 21:48 PM
Hi, Im new. I have TFT and RoC. I want to get competitive with it, and I've tried watching replays but I have no clue whats going on.

Does anyone have any tips or guides or something for a new player? I always seem to lose cause Im not creeping or doing something while my enemy is attacking my base. I tried starcraft and got zerg rushed so fast.

Maybe I'm to slow? Any tips or anything though? I'm thinking of playing Undead, but night elf also interests me.

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# 2erziko May 17 2007, 14:05 PM
if u can post a rep of you i might be able to help wink.gif

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# 3C408 Mar 5 2016, 21:40 PM
start out wit humans or orcs, they're stratagy is not hard

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