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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Non 7 Day Tournament Results!

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# 1QuikSilwer Jul 2 2018, 15:56 PM
...the earth crumbled, the fortress shattered to pieces, Imperialist fell and the King reached for the crown.

The 7 Day Tournament is over. Let's be fair, it was more like 7 days of basic groups and 7 days of play-off, nevertheless there's nothing to be ashamed of, with more than 20 participants and 99 matches we have witnessed the coronation of the rightful king of the Battle for Middle-earth II, Alexander Selling from Argentina aka Ecthelion.

Next to all the participants who found time and courage to play their matches, I would also like to thank all neutral hosts, streamers and last but not least Glutemaster and Ecthelion for the helping hand with the organizational stuff. By the way, congratulations to a guy named VakaVakaVaka for winning the predictions game!

Final Standings: BFME II: 7 Day Tournament completed bracket

All Matches Replays: 7 Day 1v1 Tournament / June 2018 replays

Surprise of the tournament


Not Apmn. Neither Scorpion nor Maka. It was this barely known Russian supernova who challenged Ecthelion both in Finals and Grandfinals. He appeared out of nowhere, stunned everyone with fast macro and mature tactics and beat heavy weights like Scorpion or Apmn on his way to the battle for the throne, where he eventually lost to the undeniable king of the tournament, Ecthelion.

Toughest opponent


Almost nobody believed that someone might stop Ecthelion from claiming his throne. All the more was everyone shocked on the livestream when Ecthelion lost the first match against Scare^Crow and was nearly eliminated when his opponent was holding all the aces in his hands in the second one. Regrettably, Scare^Crow probably got cold feet and didn't seize the opportunity to finish off the wounded beast. The game went on for a couple of minutes and eventually went out of sync when the odds were 50-50.

King of the tournament


Hands down, apart from the little slip-up in Semifinals, Ecthelion dominated the whole tournament and left no doubt as to who is the world number one of nowadays.

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