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World Cup 2010 prediction challenge

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# 1-Netput Jun 3 2010, 15:34 PM

FIFA World Cup Predictor Challenge

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With just over a week to go before the Football World Cup begins in South Africa, the excitement is building! So Who's going to come out on top of the world? After an epic Gamereplays predictor challenge in 2006 and 2008, it is back. Show off your outstanding football knowledge, or just have some fun by trying to predict how this great journey will be played out. Of course, like last times we will have some fun awards and hopefully some good discussion as the tournament unfolds.

Obviously the aim of the game is to score the most points by correctly predicting the results of each world cup game.

Entering the competition

- Follow this link, which brings you on the FIFA page.
- Register
- Follow the first link again, Scroll down to where it says Join a Private League and type in the Join Password which is: 80351-3874

Point System

The rules are explained right here
Note that you get more points for a upset. The rules above speak for itself, so just read them. Or don't care about it and just fill in the results tongue.gif

If there's anything you don't understand, the admins are -Netput and [OoE]MiRaGE and we will attempt to help if you don't understand anything.


To keep the everything organized, please go to the awesome [OoE] forums. We will post additional info and updates (trophies!) right there! So keep checking it out lads.

Have fun and good luck, let the games begin!

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