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Dawn of War 3

First Dawn of War 3 Gold Replay!

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# 1-Netput Jun 7 2017, 08:47 AM
Gamereplay's first ever GOLD Dawn of the War 3 Replay goes to an almost 50 minute high tier game, on the new 1v1 map 'Mork's Mire', between Bikerushownz' Marines and Trojan's Orks.
This is a great showcase of the new patches larger armies and different compositions with the Ork player being able to field a much more consistently infantry based army and the marine player using tactical marines as the backbone of their army. The elite choices are updated to match the new meta and the fights are constant making for a really enjoyable watch throughout the game.

Download the replay here. Note that it doesn't work after the hotfix. Feel free to wub it if you like the commentary though!
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Watch a commentated YouTube version here:

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