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After years of playing Panzer Elite...I am 1000% convinced they totally suck

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# 1jdlev Jan 6 2017, 09:58 AM
I am so f***ing sick of losing as PE.

Even though I've been playing for years, I haven't been able to get above a level three, so I'm looking for all kinds of advice.

Is there a defacto build order the pros use all the time?

I'd really like to know how the pro gamers maneuver around the game, and how they're able to do it so quickly. I've downloaded the flakgrid hot keys...I queue up commands...I'm not great at grouping, but on occasion hotkey group grens to quickly select them. I use cover whenever possible. I try to flank my opponents when in firefights whenever possible. I mean...what the f*** more can a guy do when it comes to micro'ing?! Is there a faster way to between multiple units that I don't know about. Do I have to buy some $500 gaming keyboard?

Are there any spreadsheets/cheat sheets out there that I can look at that have all the units of a particular fashion so I can look at capture times, life points, damage, etc?

Are there known cheats that people take advantage of, because sometimes I just sit back and am like...How the f*** did he just do that?! I've seen Americans with an extra +5 fuel, the brits Lt. randomly sprinting all over the board, I mean...if people are cheating then what the hell is the point?!

I probably split 50/50 with the british, but even a noob american owns me with riflespam. All they have to do is repeatedly retreat and avoid losing their squads, and the cost to replace their guys vs pgs get's them to armor before you can even think about anything metal.

Anyways....please help make me a winner!!!!!!!

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# 3Lando Feb 15 2017, 16:54 PM
LOL so he posts 3 games against brits. Who needs that.

I'll tell you what man, playing against Americans as PE is just a big PITA. You will constantly lose units and have to remake them, so no vet lasts long. Any AT you build is doomed against infantry, and any half track or car you build is doomed against their tank destroyers. Early game the Americans will out gun you and out cap you, but if you rush an AC you can get a temporary advantage. I'm starting to learn that if you don't see an M8 by the time you have 3 buildings, you are going to get rushed by tanks. Since Marders are practically useless, you are better off with an ATHT and shrecks or going TD for hetzers. Once you lose a couple squads or they start surrendering their shrecks to the rifle squads, that's it, it's like free vet since 3 man shreck squads practically dissolve before they even fire a shot and AC's no longer have an advantage against them.

Rushing Panthers used to be a key for me fighting Americans, but now i'm under the impression that purchasing the marder and p4 upgrades is a waste of time when you can be upgrading your troops so they don't die in 2 seconds. So basically stick with the ATHT, MTHT, and AC, and when ever you have advantages upgrade your infantry. Rely on shrecks with ATHT and hetzers for AT.

I'm going to post a replay really soon of a game I just played. I was arguably winning, but once he starting using artillery and I lost all my grens I gave up. What I gathered is that if I didn't waste my time and resources buying the Marder and p4 upgrade and instead jacked up my grenadiers, I could have used a couple squads to hit and run his artillery and tanks, at which point I could attempt to take out his rifle squads which were all vet 2 and 3 and carrying stolen shrecks post-13661-1143531603.gif

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# 4Doomdark Mar 7 2017, 11:09 AM
Reading the strategies on this site and watching replays is a great way to learn and improve your game. Ultimately however you may just have reached your max level and be coming up against people who are better than you. I know that I will never be a pro. My reactions and ability to cope with attacks on multiple fronts are just too poor.

Another good way is to play as the other teams (using tactics that have been used against you) and see what your opponents do to counter them.

QUOTE(jdlev @ Jan 6 2017, 09:58 AM) *

Are there known cheats that people take advantage of, because sometimes I just sit back and am like...How the f*** did he just do that?! I've seen Americans with an extra +5 fuel, the brits Lt. randomly sprinting all over the board, I mean...if people are cheating then what the hell is the point?!

Some of them may be using a keyboard remapping system like Gridkeys https://www.gamereplays.org/community/GridK...ey-t948619.html (which isn't cheating) to standardise the controls which can help with issuing orders but apart from that no.

What you describe above is how the game works. All it shows is that you lack an understanding of how the other teams work/what they are capable of - another good reason to try playing the other teams/watching replays. Please don't go around implying/accusing people of cheating just because you don't know how the game works.

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Game: Company of Heroes

# 5jdlev Jun 7 2017, 08:03 AM
Thanks for the input guys. It gets frustrating being the whipping boy of the 4 factions. I guess the biggest thing I could use help on is the actual methods the pro's use to play the game rather than the strategy. I've been playing for years...use cover all the friggin time...use gridkeys to make me faster...and there are still just some people that absolutely run over my guys. Right now, I'm just under .500 after about 250 games...and I've probably got closer to 2k games under my belt. I still peak at a mf'n level five sad.gif I listen to music a lot of the time while I play, so maybe that has something to do with since I only hear 'most' of the voice warnings in the game. PE is the only faction I play...used to play much better as wehr and made it to a level 8, so maybe it's time to retire the PE.

I just have a sick personality disorder. The more I lose, the angrier I get, and the more I try to perfect my play with PE...only to have my arse handed to me all over again. It's a vicious cycle lol.

I guess I'm gonna have to try shutting off the music, and playing as the allies just to see where that goes. Considered maybe DL'ing the AHK grid key pack..(at least I think it was AHK)...not sure if that's any better than the regular gridkey pack?

Maybe I'll start a clan...."EverNoob"

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