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# 1Pandorium Aug 2 2021, 13:04 PM

Hello All,

The time has come where BFME2 will get shined on why its by one of the best RTS games. We've seen much ROTWK regarding the league and WCS by shanks, however, its time for the other side. This will be hosted by myself and mayshadowfax(or now known as lordoffantasies)

This league will showcase the top 10 bfme2 players currently, they'll duke it out weekly to eventually getting the cash prize at the end of the month. The top 3 spots of pro league will get some very nice cash prizes! The top 10 players from the cow & pig discord will be the top 10. The league won't officially start until the amateur league is announce. So, if you are in cow and pig discord and not on the list. You can now try to challenge until the amateur league is announced. So get on grinding to hopefully get a spot on the pro league

There will also be an amateur league! Holding the top 15 amateur players These players will be noobs and medium level type players. There will be a much smaller cash prize to the amateur league compared to the pro league. We know there will be many people wanting to sign up for the amateur league and we'll be using a system to see who can proceed to the top 15 list.

How will this league work
These leagues will be monthly for both pro and amateur. Lets first discuss how amateur scene will work as there will be probably a plethora of players wanting to enter even though there is only 15 available slots. There will be a round robin to determine the first 15 amateur players. Depending on how many amateurs sign up you'll be put into a group. You'll play a total of 2 week in your group. it'll be base don on win-loss record. Who ever has the best score will proceed to be on the amateur list. If there is any close tiebreakers we'll have a quick best of 3 series between those so we can get the winner into the amateur league. At the end of the month, the last 4 players will be knocked out and put into the group stages. Yes! That means if you failed to prevail in a group stage one month, don't worry, you will have a full month to practice and increase your skill to hopefully win the next months coming group stage.

The pro league will follow close to the same suite but will not have to participate in a monthly group stage, however, they can lose there spot as the top 3 amateur players and the end of the month can challenge any of the pro players in a best of 5 series. If they win, they take the pros spot and play in pro league, if they amateur loses, nothing happens. If the pro loses, at the end of the month the pro can re-challenge someone to get back onto the ladder and knocking someone out.

Fairly simple, it will be based on Win-Loss record(I.E 7-2, 9-0, 0-7, but you get the point). Who ever has the best top 3 record will be crowned the champions of that league for the month. With the pros, if they were in the top 3, another perk is that they can deny a challenge of someone trying to get back into the pro-league. They can obviously accept, but they can chose to stay as is. All the games will be best of 1(besides needed tie breakers. Those will be best of 3)

Weekly, I'll put the names in a spin the wheel, I'll put the matchups for that week, some people at random will get a bye week(meaning doesn't have a game to play) and gets a free win on there win-loss streak. As well as the map you'll play on will be rolled as well

What will the maps be?
The maps we'll have for now will be 5 total maps(more to be added in the future), we want to showcase the best of the best skill. On a short map, huge map, and so forth. We want to let everyone see and learn from the pros or the top amateurs on how they deal on different types of maps. The maps go as followed

1) Fords of anduin
2) Firien Dale
3) Chetwood
4) Iron Hills
5) Tower Hills

these goes for both pro and amateur league
1) You may choose your faction, but make sure its the one you want as that'll be the only faction you can play for that entire month(until next month you may let myself or mayshadowfax know if you changed. Another exception is chaning your faction once you head out of the group stage or challenging a pro player)
2) No chatting while playing, could be distracting for the other player. We want to keep it fair
3) All Games must be played on the 5 maps
4) You can have a neutral host(its highly prefered), however, if you can't find someone to neutral host or if Mayshadow/Myself isn't online to stream the games. You may play against each other, but flip a coin(just type coinflip in google and you should get an easy coinflip thing pop up to decide who hosts). Please make sure you record the coinflip to provide proof what the result was.
5) This must be on version 1.09v2
6) If you played offline(meaning not on stream) put the replay + the winner of that game in the #game-report for other people to watch or just easier confirmation who won
7) As always, have fun and let the best bfme2 player win!

The cash prizes will be announced when the top 15 amateurs have been brought up and so forth. To get updates on who you play and on what map. As well as, signing up for the amateur league, head to this discord and sign up. If you have any questions reply here and I'll get to it when I can

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# 2Maru Aug 3 2021, 18:57 PM
Good luck with this smile.gif

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# 3AnDy` Aug 4 2021, 00:36 AM
4) Iron Hills
5) Tower Hills maps ? biggrin.gif

ford of bruinen? westfold , west emmet and others

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# 4Pandorium Aug 5 2021, 06:59 AM
QUOTE(AnDy` @ Aug 4 2021, 00:36 AM) *

4) Iron Hills
5) Tower Hills maps ? biggrin.gif

ford of bruinen? westfold , west emmet and others

yea those will be added, Iron Hills/Tower Hills will be there for viewer entertainment as well to showcase how good can the top players be in these maps. We need 2 maps for viewers to get on board to watch this. On top of this, some of the crowd mayshadowfax is bringing will be ROTWK players. Showcasing maps like the NEW ironhills as well as Tower Hills might encourage the jump over. Ford of bruinen, westfold, and etc will be added later into the pool and those hills maps will be rotated out. For now, those 5 will be the pool

Every month will have a "Wild" Map. Meaning maps that aren't ideal for competitive but for viewer entertainment(Lune, Tower Hills, Iron Hills, and so forth. But be assured no lorien or umbar cause fuck that xD)

We have to make this fun for both the player and viewer. Things like Tower hills is a very large map, viewers will want to see how such a large map can you even maintain an advantage. Pro players like yourself andy will know how to utilize it to your full advantage

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# 5Pandorium Aug 5 2021, 07:01 AM
QUOTE(Maru @ Aug 3 2021, 18:57 PM) *

Good luck with this smile.gif

Thank you!

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