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Ups and Downs - Team YoYoTech

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# 1Fused Jun 19 2009, 03:57 AM
Team YoYoTech has lived up to their name in recent weeks, with both the players and organisation seemingly unsure whether they are staying, coming or going. To say it has been a bumpy ride of late, would be an understatement.

Issues kicked off a couple of weeks ago when YYT’s second team was unceremoniously booted from the organisation due to their taking part in ButtonBashersBash the Summer Away tournament: a tournament where the first prize was to become the new ButtonBashers. The debacle was met with widespread scorn and debates about line of respect and gratitude from the community.

All was not lost, as YYT still had their first team, which made a surprise showing in the Grand Final of i36 and have since shown great potential with impressive performances both online and at LANs. Thus it came as a shock to the wider majority when the first team announced their departure from active play and disbanding the team effective immediately. A multitude of reasons were cited, including changes in the line-up, motivational issues and difficulties in achieving stability with practice regimes, and money issues.

Team YoYoTech’s lightning slide from having two reasonably stable teams to suddenly having no players representing them certainly was a shock, the organisation sent reeling amid the upheaval. The community waited eagerly to see what Team YoYoTech’s next move would be. They were not disappointed. Given the scandalous nature of the second team’s departure, it was surprising to hear the news that this second team had been not only reinstated, but also promoted to become Team YoYoTech’s first team.

The team has undergone line-up changes since their departure a few weeks ago. The changes come in the form of uk James ''Scorp'' Long leaving to be replaced by ireland Ryan ''Moff'' Moffit, taking up Scorp’s SMG in his stead.

From statements given on the YoYoTech website it appears the current players and organisation have buried the hatchet, with places at the summer LANs lined up where the new YoYoTech Dragons hope to put the past to bed and show us they have a bright future.

ireland Phil ''Philzr'' Kearney gave this statement on YYT’s website.

''Firstly just want to say thanks to YoYoTech for giving us a second chance, we knew how lucky we were to be YYT's team 2 and have the support they offered and we are determined to make it up to them. Also see you at LAN and big shout-out to vVv.''

The YoYoTech Dragons line-up is now as follows:
  • uk Marc ''DeAtH-'' Hardwick
  • france Alex ''Streetz'' Carmody
  • ireland Phil ''Philzr'' Kearney
  • ireland Reg ''Batzor'' Morgan
  • ireland Ryan ''Moff'' Moffitt
GameReplays.org wishes the new YoYoTech Dragons the best of luck with the upcoming summer LANs.

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