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# 1DesireN Apr 17 2019, 04:53 AM
Hey everyone. So im from the USA. A few of you may know me, many probably dont. But ive been here since CNC Replays back in the day. And ive been here on this site since the the opening. I played some CnC Generals and some Zero Hour.

Im asking for anyone I can ask to help us, and help me. My company is currently being underrun by cooperate greed. These guys are trying to cut all our benefits for healthcare and for our pensions. This company made 2 billion $$$ profit last year. YES!! 2 billion American$$ profit. Yet they are trying to cut the workers who got them there. GOOO!! Netherlands. I love you guys Rarley, Murder, Opsnyder, you guys are my boys! But this dutch company bought our company and is trying to strip all of of our hard earned money to bring back to the Netherlands. Please, I cant give the number. But please look up stop and shop USA and find the number and tell them how messed up it is,

Please help us. 2 Billion dollar company holding us to coorperate greed. Ive been on this site since 2005, maybe early 2006 and I was here on CNCREPLAYS and im asking for your guys support, please help. This is New England Stop and Shop. Google and please help smile.gif thank you!.

Again I don't hate the Netherlands but this is an independent company with the workers themselves directly losing out from the cooperate position of the father company. I love the Dutch and the people ive developed great friendships with since gaming with them. Arnold, and Rarley you suck!

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# 2X-Flame Apr 20 2019, 18:11 PM
This happens all the time, everywhere. If you hate it, find another job.

Also IDK why the focus on the Netherlands. Countries themselves have nothing to do with this.

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# 3Leikeze Apr 20 2019, 19:10 PM
I don't support pensions.

My great grandfather is 99 and has no intention of stopping.

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