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Wow... much to learn :)

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# 1MisterKrazy Mar 16 2010, 14:42 PM
Well, I downloaded the demo when it came out and played the game, and I realized that it was everything I loved about SC1 with virtually none of what frustrated me smile.gif After reading reviews and realizing the haters did not share my belief that SupCom1 had a way-too-steep learning curve (or else had already surpassed it), I immediately made plans to find a deal on the game and pick it.

Now I've got it... and the first thing I did was play a quick skirmish against Easy AI. Man, Finn's Revenge got tiny! It's still enough for a lot of units, though, so I'm happy. Then I decided to jump online to get a feel for multiplayer (the reason I bought the game) before I go through the campaign.
It was 2v2 on some map that later reminded me of the last levels of Portal, with the orange tint and bridges running from void to to void in every direction. I explained to my poor teammate that I was pretty new, and we started the match.

I promptly built a land factory, 2 pgens, and 2 mexes. First mistake. I sent my engineers out to go build mexes all over the place and sent my army and commander close to the chokepoint of the map to get some combat on. Upon coordinating an attack with my teammate, we both charged in at the same time. Why the heck is my teammate bouncing his army around? I just charge right in with my tanks and commander. I sigh in relief knowing the nasally "commander under attack" voice from SC1 is gone forever. After going to manage my base during the battle, I come back and discover my commander's health has gotten uncomfortably low. I send him back, but it's far too late; the bridge is covered by a mushroom cloud that was once me.
Everyone then laughed when I described the new commanders as "squishy". Am I the only one who uses that term to describe low-HP units?

Anyways, I could use some help getting started in multiplayer. Apparently all the strategies I used to use from SC1 are worthless now, so i need good sample build orders, maybe a couple research strategies too (never played a game with a tech tree like this before)

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# 2Emblis Mar 16 2010, 19:01 PM
Welcome to GameReplay´s Supreme Commander 2 community!

I am Emblis, I don't remember you from the chat in Halcyon but there was always lots of people in there, have a banana.gif

I am sure you can find help in our forum regarding build orders, just watch out in the general discussion forum, its flooding with "balance this and that unit" topics.

Also, we usually have a tournament every weekend, join the GR steam and keep your eyes peeled. Hope to see you around. smile.gif

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# 3MisterKrazy Mar 16 2010, 22:59 PM
I played on and off, and even when I was in the cat I was just there to chat (and recently dodge SC2-related flamewars) until I could find a match.

Edit: Oops. Got ACU rushed on... Winter Duel? Whichever duel it was. How can I counter that?

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