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Grass Editor '+' button not working

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# 1HeyBirdie Apr 9 2020, 16:25 PM
Hello All,

I created a map in World builder and clicked "-" button in Grass Editor and by mistake removed the used types of grass. Unfortunately, the "+" button used for adding the grass back is not doing anyhing (expect the 'open' window to pop-up).

Interesting thing is that this is tied to the project. If I open a new or some previously created project the grass types are present in the Grass Editor but not in that project from which they were removed.

Can anyone give me a hint for a workaround or recommend a different version of World Buidler? I am using v2.602.0.199. Eventually, how do I install a new WB version - only by reinstalling steam? (It seems to be tied to it)

Thanks for any inputs.


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# 2HeyBirdie Apr 18 2020, 23:16 PM
For anyone facing the same issue. The only workaround seems to be stamping the grass from a different project. The default grass types then reappears. Nothing else helped - running the prgrm in compatibility mode of Win 10 or drag and drop of GDF files etc..

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