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World in Conflict

Using Way points

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# 1xFactor Oct 17 2007, 05:26 AM
[h1]Using Way points[/h1]

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Whether you're struggling to out micro another Armor player or you're simply giving your units a place to go while you're busy elsewhere, giving out way points to your units is a very handy and needed asset in World of Conflict! Today I'll be showing how you to use this effectively and what benefits it can give you.

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There are two ways to use way points, both of which are standard in nearly every single RTS. You can either use the Way points button in the menu on the bottom right menu on your screen or you can simply hold Shift and click away. I strongly recommend using the Shift method because it saves you loads of time you could be killing things. This is best used when commanding tanks or simply giving your troops places to go while you're focusing elsewhere. To use the way points, simply hold Shift then click anywhere you want your tank to move. Please note that if you click relatively close to your tank's rear it will move backwards, however you must do it within a somewhat small distance to do this correctly.

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