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Posted by: Techamber1 Nov 16 2010, 20:33 PM

Any tips or strategies or anything? Haven't really played it yet and want to know.

Posted by: Gangsta Nun Nov 18 2010, 08:21 AM

I'd check out a youtube channel called NextGenTactics

They are doing both a single player and zombie walk through/help guide.

As for me i'm new too so i could give you any help.

Posted by: Fender Nov 24 2010, 16:53 PM

Why so interested?

You're never on.

Posted by: Brownbear55 Nov 24 2010, 17:05 PM

i'm on, i want people to play Zombies with
everytime i play it's retarded 12 year olds either with mics who use them for no reason or without mics who won't listen to me suggesting where we go.

suggesting too, not even bossing

like this
"okay guys when we go down in the elevator we can stay on that top tier ring thing for a few rounds, there's only 4 windows so it's easy to defend so what do you guys think?"

we get down, one of them runs forward and opens up the bottom thing in the DEFCON room (on Five)

stupid sad.gif

Posted by: Brownbear55 Nov 24 2010, 17:17 PM

oh and for tips and strats?
i only really play Five but i'm playing the other level some more now.

on Five stay in the first room til about round 4, it's easily defended.
then open the first door and you get access to a small corridor.

you can defend there for 2 more rounds but clear the debris to the elevator so you can all go down just in case.
make sure you just defend the corridor by lying prone in the elevator or standing near it.

when you're down there's only 4 windows so you can defend some more.
get the MP5K as the other gun only has 20 bullets (the MP5K is to the right)
after another round or two go downstairs and straight to the elevator and defend from there, there's a stakeout which makes for a good secondary. remember to look behind you to defend the gap within the elevator.

when you're swampoed go downstairs, kill the zombies but leave one (they're slow) run around and look inside every room for the mystery weapon box.

note what room it and kill the zombies.
stay at the elevator defending but switch to your shitty weapon when the level goes dark and the voice over says something about containment.
the thief comes now and steals whatever gun you're holding.
after he;s gone open the door and grab stuff from the mystery weapon. use the portals when overwhelmed and try and get back to the DEFCON room for easier defending, returning downstairs when it's quiet. But try and stay in the room the mystery box is in and have as many goes on it as possible.

continue like this and you can go far, i think my top level is 17? but i'm not too sure.
still working on more tactics to go for after i get past that part however.
also, try and do it repeatedly in a party so you get a system drilled into you all.

and that's how i've been doing things anyways. i think it's a good tactic.

Posted by: Fender Nov 24 2010, 19:51 PM

I'd like to try zombies, but I'd be clueless on the strategies. If I join you sometime I'll do everything you say BB! laugh.gif

Posted by: Gangsta Nun Nov 24 2010, 20:55 PM

I'll die a lot and usually be annoying. because i'm shite.

Posted by: Brownbear55 Nov 24 2010, 21:38 PM

hahaha i don't mind people doing other things or anything but imagine going into a room and the other players opening every single entrance for the zombies to come in.

just makes me rage.

but zombies is fun happy.gif
if you didn't complete the campaign there's a cheat code (you can google it) to enter at the PC behind you in order to unlock the map Five.

nah guys just try the zombie mode, i'm actually really starting to enjoy it properly, great way to kinda cool off after playing lots of competitive games.

Posted by: Gangsta Nun Nov 25 2010, 18:34 PM

oh and BB check out HupitGaming, if you need peeps to play Zombies with smile.gif

Posted by: jukuja Nov 26 2010, 23:10 PM

i play zombies sometimes but i've only played Five a couple times and Kino Der Toten at least 10 times. On Kino Der Toten i've found that not buying a guy at the beginning and only using the pistol you start with and your knife you can save more that way and when you get around 1750 cash you can open the door underneath the stairs and get the automatic submachine gun in the room. One person in that room can really rack up points and defend the area by themselves if they're aware of what's going on behind them and in front of them. There's only two windows in that room too and after you and your teammates complete a few more rounds (it should be around the 4th or 5th round by the time you open the door under the stairs) you can all open the backdoor that leads to the outside of the building with all the fences and go from there as you like. But make sure by the time someone runs out of ammo or the zombies are overwhelming your squad that you activate the sentry turret sitting on the stage when you're in the theater and use teleporter when it gets really bad and rain hell from the film room. Oh and another way to rack up cash is to allow the zombies to tear the planks around the windows in the first few rounds and then kill them and rebuild the barriers.

Posted by: Brownbear55 Nov 29 2010, 00:33 AM

i'll check them out gangsta thanks biggrin.gif
been playing mostly with peeps from /v/ atm and it's predominately better than playing with randoms.

not played much kino det toten still getting to grips with the map layout and stuff atm biggrin.gif

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