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Player of the Month January 2012: xezon

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# 1MrX May 22 2012, 18:58 PM

Interview with the Player of the Month January: xezon

The following text + questions was kindly created by ¤A¤Dream¤Beyond¤Crimson¤Horizon¤!

Alas it has been a long time since January's Player of the Month was elected, yet no interview has been conducted. Better late than never, he pulled off a surprising record during January Clanwars and ranked as second. The first Player of the Month of the year 2012 proved that he isn't only the developer of GenTool and mastermind behind multiple videos, but also a noteworthy challenge on the battlefield when he puts effort in it. I give you, xezon!

IPB Image

GameReplays: Tell us a bit about yourself and your gaming career!

xezon: Hi I will make it short: I never played Generals. I play Zero Hour since 2004 and enjoy 3v3 random defcon most.

GameReplays: You definitely exceeded any expectations with your amazing Clanwars record. You've never before stood out from the player masses; what is the secret to your late success?

xezon: In the 3v3 defcon scene I was always good, but not in clanwars. For winning games there I just kept thinking I could beat all. Especially works good if you do not care what fun name player XY has this month.

GameReplays: Is there matchups you consider as your strongest (and weakest) performance? Who was the most challenging player to play against during that month?

xezon: GLA vs GLA is my weakest. USA vs GLA is my strongest. But the difference is obsolete, as we are all random players anyway in Zero Hour. [Pi]Terero was the biggest challenger for me.

GameReplays: Previously you've gained fame through numerous of videos, streams and of course GenTool. Could you shed some light on what was the grand idea behind GenTool when you first decided to start making it? Did you ever expect it to become a such a huge succession that it is today?

xezon: GenTool was first designed to provide me tools for my streaming plans. But I dropped the streaming plans and worked on more ideas for GenTool instead. When GenTool first had the widescreen feature I thought it would be of great use for many players.

GameReplays: Not a single other person has contributed more to ZH and its community than you. What keeps up your interest and enthusiasm?

xezon: People grow passion for different hobbies. My hobby was this game, so it evolved to making videos and tools too. I am happy if it makes others happy with this game.

GameReplays: Let's move on to lighter subjects. If you had a chance to date three people from the ZH community, who would you pick?

xezon: Date? Opsnyder and scubnoob should be funny, and a third... hmm...

GameReplays: If you had to come up with a top 10 list of troublemakers / bad personalities of ZH, what would it be like?

xezon: Deeprisk guys, GEF Maddi, GEF Gandalf, Hundesau, Termi, Hawky, Sudden-Death, Ada-Sos, Boss-of-Chaos, UAF BuuHuu and so on...

GameReplays: Thanks for taking this interview!

Replays of xezon

Clanwars January 2012 Replays:

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