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CnC3 errors and crashes

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# 1subroutine Feb 27 2007, 08:41 AM
First, check your PC meets the minimum requirements -

For installation problems I suggest you try the following -

Empty the windows® temp folder -

Disable any antivirus software.

Update Windows installer -


Hey guys,

This is a rare error, but if you are experiencing this install error when you try and boot the game, then the fix noted below should get you up and running. Please follow these exact steps.

To resolve it, just grab the missing .dll from the Web at this site


Then drop that .dll into C:\Windows\System32\ and that should do it.


If non of the above helps, try installing using a selective/diagnostic startup -


For general crashing after installation, make sure the graphics drivers are up to date -

Nvidia - http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp

ATI - http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html

There's a generic guide here that may also help -


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# 2Vissario Mar 9 2007, 19:03 PM
From EALA Predator as posted in the official C&C3 Forums.

Hey guys,

A number of you have been reporting about Video/Audio synch issues. We currently have a fix planned and in place for the game, however, here is an intermittement fix which should do the trick.

This temporary fix may not fix the problem on all system configurations, especially on machines that do not meet or exceed the minimum system requirements. That should be fairly obvious ohmy.gif)

IMPORTANT -- We highly recommend not setting the process priority any higher than "AboveNormal."

1. Run the Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Demo.
2. Press Alt + Tab to minimize the demo and switch back to Windows.
3. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to bring up the security prompt and click on "Task Manager".
4. Select the "Processes" tab and look for DemoGame.dat in the list.
5. Right-click on DemoGame.dat, select "Set Priority", and then select "AboveNormal" from the submenu -- this option is one step up from the default "Normal" setting.
6. Windows will prompt you with a similar warning. Select "Yes".
7. Switch back to the game by clicking on the button in the Windows task bar.

The syncing issue should be resolved the next time you watch a video in the game. Note: You will need to repeat this procedure each time you run the demo.

And again, this is just an intermittent fix, we have the official fix in the game, so not to worry.

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